Coronal hole jets from HOP 177

HOP 177 was run for 44 hours from 10:20 UT on 8 February 2011. A single raster of size 180"x512" was repeated 44 times on a polar coronal hole that extended to low latitudes.

The Doppler maps created from the Fe XII 195.12 emission line show a number of large-scale blue-shifted features in the coronal hole and at the boundary. There are 35 events in all and information about them is available as an Excel spreadsheet and text file below.

List of all EIS events [ Excel, Text ].

A movie showing EIS intensity, velocity and line width images for the full raster sequence is available below.

Movie of Fe XII 195 line fit parameter maps [1.7 MB]

An AIA 193 movie for the full duration of the HOP 177 at 10 min cadence is given below. The numbers that appear during the movie show the locations of the 35 EIS velocity events, allowing them to be related to the long term coronal hole evolution.

Movie of AIA 193 images showing EIS events [7 MB]

For each event some comments and movies/images are given below. The times refer to the approximate midpoint of the EIS jet observation. The AIA 193 movies are centered (both in time and space) on the EIS jets. Where difference movies are listed, these are formed by taking the average of the complete set of images, and computing the difference relative to this averaged image.

Event 1
Event 2
Event 3 (Y15, jet1)
Event 4 (Y15, jet2)
Event 5
Event 6
Event 7
Event 8
Event 9 (YM14b)
Event 10
Event 11
Event 12
Event 13
Event 14
Event 15
Event 16
Event 17
Event 18
Event 19
Event 20
Event 21
Event 22
Event 23
Event 24
Event 25
Event 26
Event 27 (YM14a)
Event 28
Event 29
Event 30 (Y15, jet3)
Event 31
Event 32
Event 33
Event 34
Event 35

Y14a - Young & Muglach (2014a); Y14b - Young & Muglach (2014b); Y15 - Young (2015).

The webpages linked above contain movies. I've tried to embed these movies in the webpages, but they may not play on some OS/browser combinations. However, I also provide links to the movies which should allow you to see them through an alternative route.

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