Event 32 (raster 37, 10-Feb-2011, 00:13)

Small BP close to CH boundary, although BP is distinct from the boundary. The EIS jet is very short (15") and the LOS velocity is 15-20 km/s. There's a weak Fe XII intensity signal associated with it. The BP has no (or very little) signal in Fe XV.

In the AIA movie the BP is quite dynamic and a very weak jet is seen from about 00:14 to 00:24 (it is slightly better seen in the difference movie).

The EIS velocity feature is seen in only one exposure and the line is broadened to about 100 mA with velocities of 20 km/s. There's an enhancement seen on the blue wing of the profile, but it is not strong. The line profile is similar to that of Event 24.

AIA 193 movie (1min cadence, 40min, 0.8 MB)
AIA 193 difference movie (1min cadence, 40min, 0.8 MB)