Event 14 (raster 13, 8-Feb-2011, 23:34)

The EIS velocity image shows a narrow jet extending for 80" above a bright point. The exposures in which the blue-shifted emission is seen cover 23:30 (near bright point) to 23:36 (furthest extension).

The AIA 193 movie does show a weak jet above the bright point that moves laterally from left-to-right. From the difference movie the jet is present from 23:16 to 23:28. By the time of the first EIS exposure displaying a blueshifted feature (23:30) there is no clear jet emission in AIA.

Because of the timing information, the classification of this jet is not clear. The A193 movie is consistent with a standard jet (the base arch is not blown out, so it is not a blowout event), but the fact that the AIA jet has disappeared by the time the EIS blueshift is seen suggests that it could be called a dark jet. My decision is to call it a standard jet, but add a footnote about the timing information.

The EIS jet looks quite similar to event 26, which is from the same bright point. While the latter may be classified as a plume, I would not consider event 14 to be a plume, based on the AIA 171 images.

The line intensities within the jet are about 20-30, and line widths are around 80-90. The lines are weakly assymmetric and velocities are around 15 km/s.

AIA 193 movie (log intensity, 1min cadence, 40min, 1.8MB)
AIA 193 difference movie (1min cadence, 40min, 2.0MB)
AIA 171 movie (log intensity, 1min cadence, 40min, 1.3MB)

These movies have been constructed by summing five images over each 1 minute period.