Event 26 (raster 22, 9-Feb-2011, 08:46)

The EIS velocity images shows a very narrow jet structure aligned along the slit. A small bright point is at the base, and the velocity feature is aligned with an intensity feature. Velocities are only about 10-15 km/s (blueshift). Line looks to be symmetrical. BP is seen in Fe XV, but not in Fe XVI. He II shows two BPs either side of coronal BP. The BP is scanned between 08:43 and 08:49. Intensity jet is not seen in Fe XI or XV, but is seen in Fe XIII. Fe XIV is not available in raster.

The first exposure with blue-shifted jet emission is at 08:45:32, and the last (of three) is at 08:47:36.

The jet's bright point is to the side of the large BP complex. The AIA 193 movie does not show an obvious jet that matches the EIS feature, however the difference movie does show a jet-like feature at 08:42_32 which moves laterally to the right, towards the BP complex. A more obvious jet feature is seen between 08:45:32 and 08:47:32, but the base lies between the BP and the BP complex, thus it is spatially offset from the EIS jet seen at the same time.

The event is quite similar to event 14, which comes from the same bright point, i.e., a jet is clearly seen in the AIA data, but it is spatially distinct from the EIS jet. An important difference is that the bright point for event 26 seems to be the base of a plume, seen in AIA 171 images, although the closeness of the BP complex means that there is some uncertainty in this statement.

I classify the event as a standard jet (same as event 14), but with a note about the timing. I also note that it may be a plume.

I checked the XRT movie and the BP is bright in X-rays (significantly brighter than the nearby large BP), but there's no evidence of a jet. The Ti-poly images show that the X-ray brightness peaked at 08:42:47.

The line intensities along the jet are around 30, and line widths around 80-85 mA. Weak asymmetries in the line profiles are seen, and velocities are around 15 km/s.

AIA 193 movie (1min cadence, 40 mins, 1.3 MB)
AIA 193 difference movie (1min cadence, 40 mins, 1.9MB)
AIA 171 movie (log intensity, 1min cadence, 40 mins, 0.9 MB)

These movies have been constructed by summing five images over each 1 minute period.