Event 16 (raster 14, 9-Feb-2011, 00:06)

This is the fifth EIS velocity event to occur on the west side of the coronal hole boundary (previous events were 2, 8, 9 and 11). The velocity feature is just to the east of a small bright point and is about 20" long, extending in a south-east direction. Note that there's a distinct separation between the jet and bright point, similar to event 1. The bright point also shows quite strong redshifts, similar to event 1.

The AIA 193 movie shows that the small bright point next to the velocity event only appeared at 23:57 and was scanned by EIS at 00:02. The bright point remained bright for about 10mins before fading.

The difference movie shows that there is some weak emission extending about 30-40" from the bright point that appears during 00:00 to 00:10. This would seem to correspond to the EIS velocity feature.

The line intensities within the jet vary from 50 to 80 and line widths from 100 to 120 mA. The lines are asymmetric and velocities are 20-30 km/s.

AIA 193 movie (1min cadence, 40min, 1.3MB)
AIA 193 difference movie (1min cadence, 40min, 1.0MB)