Event 8 (raster 10, 8-Feb-2011, 19:57)

This is the 2nd of 8 EIS events that are related to a bright point just by the coronal hole boundary. The first was event 2, and this one is the first of five events (8, 9, 11, 16 and 17) that are seen in six consecutive rasters.

The jet is narrow and extends about 30" southward from the bright point. The AIA movie shows a weak jet appearing on the left-side of the BP at about 19:45. The jet moves laterally (to the right) till about 19:59 before fading, although the root of the jet seems to remain fixed on the left-side of the BP. The EIS observation is obtained at about 19:57.

The BP brightens prior to the jet appearance and dims significantly after the jet disappears (best seen in the difference movie).

The EIS velocity signature is not strong: the 195.12 line is only weakly broadened to about 90 mA and velocity shifts are mainly in the 15-20 km/s range. There's not an obvious 2nd Gaussian component to the line.

AIA 193 movie (log intensity, 1min cadence, 40mins, 1.5MB)
AIA 193 difference movie (1min cadence, 40mins, 1.3MB)
AIA 171 movie (log intensity, 1min cadence, 40mins, 1.3MB)