Event 3 (raster 3, 8-Feb-2011, 13:13)

This is the first of five events (3, 5, 6, 7 and 13) that occur near the coronal hole boundary at the top left of the EIS raster. The AIA data show there's a diffuse bright patch here within which there are several small, narrow, dynamic loops.

Event 3 actually comprises three distinct blueshifted features close together near the boundary, within a diffuse, weakly-blueshifted area. The AIA movie shows one loop that's bright during the EIS scan, but morphology does not match the velocity feature. Otherwise there are no significant dynamics going on.

The EIS line profiles are broadened in two of the three blueshifted features, with widths of 90-100 mA. The profiles are slightly asymmetric with more emission on the blue side but no obvious, distinct blueshifted component.

AIA 193 movie (log intensity, 1min cadence, 40 mins, 0.9 MB)
AIA 193 difference movie (1min cadence, 40 mins, 2.5 MB)