Event 25 (raster 22, 9-Feb-2011, 08:18)

Set of four short jet structures observed by EIS between 08:03 and 08:32. The AIA 193 movie does not show any jet activity, although note that the approximate location of the EIS jets becomes partially evacuated over the period of the AIA movie. The AIA 171 movie shows narrow structures that seem to correspond to the EIS jets. The structures are dynamic but give the impression more of fan loops than jets. I label the EIS event as a dark jet as there is no clearly identified jets in the AIA images, but I flag the event as 'complex'.

The leftmost of the four EIS velocity features shows a distinct bump on the blue side of the profile, but the other features show a more typical asymmetry in the profiles. Intensities across the features range from 40 to 110, and velocities from 10 to 20 km/s.

AIA 193 movie (log intensity, 1min cadence, 40 mins, 0.9 MB)
AIA 193 difference movie (1min cadence, 40 mins, 2.5 MB)
AIA 171 movie (log intensity, 1min cadence, 40 mins, 1.1 MB)

These movies have been constructed by summing five images over each 1 minute period.