Event 9 (raster 11, 8-Feb-2011, 20:59)

This is the third EIS event at this location, following events 2 and 8. The jet event is strong and extends southwards away from the coronal hole boundary. The EIS data show a clear intensity signal in 195, and velocities extend to -200 km/s with a clear double-Gaussian structure in some locations.

The AIA 193 movie clearly shows small expanding loops. The loops are "squashed" in the E-W direction, suggesting the loop is being forced through a "corridor" of strong vertical magnetic flux. I do not class the event as a blowout jet as the base arch is not disrupted during the event.

AIA 304 shows a bright loop that expands briefly. It is not very clear against the background, though.

The AIA 171 movie is unusual in that the expanding loop is not seen in emission, but absorption. Presumably this means the coronal part is hotter than 1 MK, and the cool plasma being ejected absorbs the background 171 emission.

AIA 335 (not shown) briefly shows very weak emission from the bright point, but is otherwise completely empty.

The source bright point is right on the coronal hole boundary.

The movie below shows images from five of the AIA filters.

AIA 193 movie (1.2 MB, 1 min cadence, log intensity, 40mins)
AIA 193 difference movie (1.6MB, 1min cadence, 40mins)
AIA 171 movie (1.0 MB, 1min cadence, log intensity, 40mins)
AIA 304 movie (1.4 MB, 1min cadence, log intensity, 40mins)