Event 30 (raster 27, 9-Feb-2011, 13:44)

The EIS raster shows a jet coming from the top (south side) of the large BP at a similar location to jets seen in rasters 21, 22, 24 and 25. The AIA movie does not show a jet, nor is there any obvious activity that may be responsible for the jet.

Line intensities along the jet  range from 20 to 40, and line widths from 80-90 mA. Weak line asymmetries can be seen in the line profiles, and velocities range from 10 to 15 km/s.

AIA 193 movie (log intensity, 1min cadence, 40min, 1.4 MB)
AIA 193 difference movie (1min cadence, 40min, 2.3 MB)
AIA 171 movie (log intensity, 1min cadence, 40min, 1.2 MB)

These movies have been constructed by summing five images over each 1 minute period.