Lectures, talks and posters

Here you will find lectures, talks and posters I have given. Note that some of these talks may contain movies that may not work in the supplied format.


  • Updated Reference Wavelengths for Si VII and Mg VII Lines in the 272-281 Å Range [pptx, pdf]
    Contributed talk at AAS/LAD meeting, Madison, WI, Jun 2024
  • CHIANTI and Solar-C [key, pdf]
    Solar-C Science meeting, Nagoya, Japan, Mar 2024
  • Connecting Solar Wind Structures to their Source Regions in the Solar Atmosphere [key, pdf]
    GSFC Science Director's Seminar, Feb 2024
  • Transition Region Spectroscopy with the Hinode/EIS Instrument [pptx, pdf]
    Seminar presented at Cambridge University and Northumbria University, Jan-Feb 2024


  • Scattered Light in the Hinode/EIS and SDO/AIA Instruments Measured from the 2012 Venus Transit [pdf]
    Contributed talk at AAS Solar Physics Division meeting, Minneapolis, Aug 2023
  • Applications of Atomic Data to Studies of the Sun [pptx, pdf]
    Invited talk at ASOS-14 International Colloquium, Paris, France, Jul 2023


  • An Analysis of Spikes in Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) Data [key, pptx, pdf]
    Contributed talk at TESS, Seattle, WA, Aug 2022
  • More than meets the eye: using ultraviolet spectra to study the Sun's corona [key, pdf, ppt]
    Talk to GSFC Interns, Jun 2022
  • Scattered light in coronal holes and the impact on remote-sensing FIP-bias measurements [key, pdf]
    Invited online talk to the Solar Orbiter Solar Wind Origins and Connection Science Working Group, Apr 2022
  • CHIANTI: An Atomic Database and Software Package for Astrophysical UV Spectroscopy [pdf]
    Poster for the Ultraviolet Science at Goddard Symposium, Greenbelt, MD, Apr 2022


  • Connecting Parker Solar Probe to the corona using Hinode/EIS data and WSA [key, m4v]
    Contributed talk at the Hinode-14/IRIS-11 Workshop (online meeting), Oct 2021
  • Talk and poster at the Heliophysics 2050 Workshop (online meeting)
  • Coronal Spectroscopy and Modeling [key, m4v]
    Invited talk at "Advances in Observations and Modelling of Solar Magnetism and Variability", 50th anniversary meeting for Indian Institute for Astrophysics (virtual meeting), Mar 2021





  • The CHIANTI database [pdf]
    Presented at the High Energy Astrophysical Model Comparison Workshop, Lorentz Center, Leiden, The Netherlands, Aug 2016
  • The CHIANTI atomic database: applications for astrophysics [pptx, pdf]
    Seminar to Stellar and Extragalactic Astronomy group, NASA-GSFC, May 2016
  • What IRIS is telling us about chromospheric evaporation [key, pdf]
    Talk at SunDC meeting, NASA-GSFC, May 2016


  • The CHIANTI atomic database: an overview of data, software and applications [pptx,pdf]
    Invited talk, IAEA Technical Meeting on Technical Aspects of Atomic and Molecular Data Processing and Exchange, IAEA, Vienna, Nov 2015
  • The CHIANTI database - enabling Heliophysics science for 20 years [key, pdf]
    Heliophysics Director's Seminar, NASA-GSFC, Oct 2015
  • Time evolution of the chromospheric heating and evaporation process [pptx,pdf]
    Contributed talk at RHESSI 14 Workshop, Newark, NJ, Aug 2015
  • Coronal loop diagnostics - developments and limitations [pptx,pdf]
    Invited talk at Loops VII Workshop, Cambridge, UK, Jul 2015



  • An overview of the spectroscopic determination of abundances in the solar atmosphere [pdf]
    Invited talk at the SHINE 2013 Workshop session "Abundances in the solar atmosphere and in the solar wind", Buford, Georgia, Jun 2013
  • The CHIANTI atomic database for spectroscopic diagnostics of astrophysical plasmas [pdf]
    Seminar given at NIST, Gaithersburg, MD, Feb 2013


  • The CHIANTI atomic database: new improvements for solar physics applications [pdf]
    Poster presented at ICAMDATA 2012, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD, Oct 2012.
  • Doing science with IRIS - experience learned from Hinode/EIS [pdf]
    Poster presented at the SDO/IRIS/Hinode workshop, Monterey, CA, Mar 2012


  • Plasma flows in active region fan loops [pdf]
    Poster presented at the 5th Hinode Science Meeting, Boston, MA, Oct. 2011
  • Flares observed by Hinode & SDO during Feb 2011 [pdf]
    Poster presented at the AAS/SPD division meeting, Las Cruces, NM, Jun. 2011


  • EIS capability and opportunities for collaboration [pdf]
    Talk presented at the Hinode/XRT team meeting, Boston, MA, Jun. 2009
  • Improved atomic models for EUV imaging instruments [pdf]
    Poster presented at the AAS/SPD division meeting, Boulder, CO, Jun. 2009
  • Line identifications with EIS and CHIANTI [pdf]
    Talk presented at the Hinode/EIS team meeting, Boston, MA, Mar. 2009


  • Active region diagnostics with EIS [pdf]
    Talk presented to the active region loops working group at 'Solar Activity during the Onset of Solar Cycle 24', Napa, CA, Dec. 2008
  • Density measurements at the base of the solar wind [pdf]
    Talk presented at the 2nd Hinode Science Meeting, Boulder, CO, Sep. 2008


  • Atomic data: its role in interpreting data [pdf]
    Lecture presented at the STFC Introductory Course on Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Armagh, UK, Sep. 2007


  • Science with the Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrometer for Solar Orbiter [pdf]
    Talk at the 2nd Solar Orbiter Workshop, Athens, Greece, Oct. 2006


  • Atomic Data Needs for Astrophysics [pdf]
    Invited talk at Iron Project Meeting, Queen's University Belfast, Jun. 2005


  • Radiation Processes in the Solar Corona [pdf]
    Lecture presented at the EU Summer School 'Analysis Techniques in Turbulent Plasmas', Copanello, Calabria, Italy, Sep. 2004
  • AG Draconis - A High Density Plasma Laboratory [pdf]
    Presentation summarising results for the symbiotic star AG Draconis

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