Spikes and AIA data

The level-1 AIA data that are available through the JSOC or VSO have already been "de-spiked", i.e., cosmic ray hits have been removed. A small fraction of the removed pixels, however, are actually real solar features. The SDO team maintain an archive of all the cosmic ray hits (the "spikes" data series, in JSOC parlance). If the solar spikes can be automatically identified in this archive, then they potentially give access to a wide variety of transient phenomena that can be studied without the need to download vast quantities of AIA data.

A report describing a preliminary investigation of the spikes archive is given below, together with links to IDL routines.

An investigation of spikes in AIA data (pdf)
IDL routines (directory)

Additional information about AIA spikes is given on the Hinode/EIS wiki.

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