Old news items for Peter Young

6-Mar-2018 I'm the Principal Investigator of the proposal "Coronal heating of plumes and fan loops" that was selected for funding from the 2017 NASA Heliophysics Guest Investigator program.
5-Mar-2018 New paper: "Element abundance ratios in the quiet Sun transition region", Young (2018, ApJ, 855, 15).
22-Feb-2018 Co-author on new paper of Tian et al. (2018, ApJ) "Frequently Occurring Reconnection Jets from Sunspot Light Bridges".
8-Feb-2018 I organized a 1-day workshop at GSFC titled "Collaborative studies of the 10 September 2017 X-flare", with visitors from NRL, NJIT, SAO and FHNW (Switzerland). See the agenda.
8-Feb-2018 I'm a co-I on the proposal "VEry high Resolution Imaging Spectrograph (VERIS)", which was selected by NASA through the H-TIDES program.
26-Jan-2018 I'm a co-I on the proposal "Connecting the corona to solar wind structure and magnetospheric impact using modeling and remote and in situ observations" (PI: N. Viall), which was selected by NASA through the Internal Scientist Funding Model program.
11-Jan-2018 Submitted a White Paper for a study of open code policy for NASA space science.
10-Jan-2018 Co-organized and attended the 2nd DKIST Critical Science Plan Workshop held at Catholic University, Washington DC, during 8-10 January.

13-Sep-2017 Co-author on new paper of Ugarte-Urra et al. (2017, ApJ) "Modeling Coronal Response in Decaying Active Regions with Magnetic Flux Transport and Steady Heating".
10-Sep-2017 Co-author on new paper of Chitta et al. (2017, A&A) "Compact solar UV burst triggered in a magnetic field with a fan-spine topology".
9-Aug-2017 Co-author on new paper of Dudík et al. (2017, Sol. Phys.) "Nonequilibrium Processes in the Solar Corona, Transition Region, Flares, and Solar Wind (Invited Review)".
28-Jul-2017 I'm a co-I on Lockheed Martin's MUSE mission concept, which was selected by NASA for a concept study. See press release.
27-Jul-2017 Gave a demo of new software for querying the ADS abstracts service from IDL.
Organized the 5th SunDC meeting at NASA-Goddard, and gave a talk on "Reconnection in the low atmosphere: UV bursts". See meeting agenda.
15-Jun-2017 I'm the PI on a proposal submitted to the NASA Heliophysics Guest Investigator program.
8-Jun-2017 Co-author on new paper of Snow et al. (2017, ApJ) "Observational Signatures of a Kink-unstable Coronal Flux Rope Using Hinode/EIS".
31-May-2017 I gave a contributed talk at the IRIS-8/Hinode-11 Science Meeting in Seattle.
17-May-2017 Submitted a proposal to the Astrophysics Data Analysis Program requesting support for the CHIANTI project.
4-Apr-2017 I gave an invited talk at the 7th Solar Orbiter Workshop in Granada, Spain.
10-Mar-2017 I led the 2nd of my ISSI International Team meetings "Solar UV bursts - a new insight to magnetic reconnection" during 6-10 March in Bern, Switzerland.
20-Jan-2017 Attended ISSI International Team meeting, "Diagnosing heating mechanisms in solar flares through spectroscopic observations of flare ribbons" (PI: H. Tian), 16-20 Jan, Bern Switzerland.

16-Nov-2016 Gave seminar at Northumbria University (UK) during one week visit.
15-Nov-2016 I submitted a white paper for the Next Generation Solar Physics Mission.
31-Oct-2016 I'm a co-I on Heliophysics Guest Investigator proposal selected by NASA. The title is 'A study of solar compact transient brightenings' (PI: Dr B. Thompson).
9-Sep-2016 I received a Peer Award from the NASA-Goddard Heliophysics Division. Read my citation.
29-Aug-2016 I gave a tutorial at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (Gottingen, Germany) on IDL plot objects.
28-Jul-2016 New publication: 'Correlation of Coronal Plasma Properties and Solar Magnetic Field in a Decaying Active Region', Ko et al., 2016, Astrophysical Journal, 826, 126
6-May-2016 New publication: 'Global Sausage Oscillation of Solar Flare Loops Detected by the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph', Tian et al., 2016, Astrophysical Journal Letters, 823, 16.
22-Mar-2016 New Publication: 'The CHIANTI Atomic Database', Young et al., 2016, Journal of Physics B, 49, 074009.

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