Papers on coronal jets with a spectroscopic component

Note on terminology: large spicules seen at the limb in coronal holes are often called macro-spicules, usually if they have a transition region component. However, if they also have a coronal component (say Ne VIII from SUMER, or Mg IX from CDS) then I consider these to be coronal jets.


Pike & Harrison (1997, Sol. Phys.)
Macrospicule at CH limb with Mg IX signature; velocity increased with height.
Pike & Mason (1998, Sol. Phys.)
Presented 6 macrospicules, 5 of which had Mg IX signature; all showed evidence of rotation.
Banerjee et al. (2000, A&A, 355, 1152)
Macrospicule sit-and-stare observation, with coronal signature.
Parenti et al. (2002, A&A)
Macrospicule raster observation, but no coronal signature.


Wilhelm (2000, A&A)
Study of spicules and macrospicules; one macrospicule did not show a coronal signature (Mg X); LOS velocities are about 30 km/s.
Wilhelm et al. (2002, Ap.&SS, 282, 189)
Single jet in CH close to south limb; seen in Ne VIII & C IV; raster scan.
Xia et al. (2005, A&A 438, 1115)
Two macrospicules; sit-and-stare; no hot plasma reported; MS consist of multiple spicules.
Popescu et al. (2007, Adv.Sp.Res., 40, 1021)
Macrospicule seen at limb in Ne VIII; sit-and-stare; MS above limb; 10 km/s. Explosive event also presented, and looks like jet.
Madjarska et al. (2007, ApJ, 670, L57)
3 features that look like jets in the core of active region observed by TRACE; SUMER shows red-shifts in O V and Mg X; features probably downflows along closed loops.
Scullion et al. (2009, ApJ, 704, 1385)
4 jets in polar coronal holes (off-limb and on-disk); the only clear coronal jet is the same one studied by Popescu et al. (2007)
Gontikakis et al. (2009, A&A, 506, L45)
Small active region jet seen with TRACE and SUMER (Ne VIII & C IV); due to emerging flux; velocity around 120 km/s; compared with a model.
Kamio et al. (2010, A&A, 510, 1) X-ray jet (XRT) that shows a macrospicule (EUVI, 304); observed by both EIS and SUMER; jet is at limb.
Madjarska et al. (2011, A&A, 526, 19) Jet at boundary of an equatorial coronal hole; observed by XRT, EIS, SUMER and EUVI;
Curdt & Tian (2011, A&A)
Presented two explosive events near sunspot, but in discussion showed nice example of a rotating macrospicule above the limb in O V 629.7.


Culhane et al. (2007, PASJ, 59, 745)
Two CH jets seen in slot data; suggests material falls back to the Sun.
Kamio et al. (2007, PASJ, 59, 751)
CH jet seen in one raster; LOS velocity of 30 km/s in Fe XII (may be higher if background was subtracted); BP is quite large.
Kim et al. (2007, PASJ, 59, 763)
AR jet from 28-Jan-2007 near limb; EIS observed bright point during ejection.
Moreno-Insertis et al. (2008, ApJL, 673, 211)
Jet in eq. CH; sit-and-stare; slit crosses perpendicular to jet; finds distinct jet component at 240 km/s; density is 5.5x10^9 cm^-3.
Chifor et al. (2008, A&A, 481, L57)
AR jet on disk; velocities up to 150 km/s; high densities (10^11)
Kamio et al. (2009, A&A, 502, 345)
EIS & SUMER; on-disk coronal hole; 6 jets observed by EIS (Fe XII)
Doschek et al. (2010, ApJ)
On-disk polar coronal hole jet
Sterling et al. (2010, ApJ, 72, 1644)
Jet in north coronal hole at limb; seen with 266" slot; cool material (He II 256; SOT) mixed with hot material (Fe XV; XRT); interpreted as blowout jet
Kamio et al. (2010, A&A, 510, 1)
X-ray jet (XRT) that shows a macrospicule (EUVI, 304); observed by both EIS and SUMER; jet is at limb.
Madjarska et al. (2011, A&A, 526, 19)
CH jet
Yang et al. (2011, RAA, 11, 1229)
Three AR jets from AR 10960 (5-Jun-2007).
Matsui et al. (2012, ApJ, 759, 15)
AR jet from 5-Jun-2007 (the middle jet of Yang et al. 2011); jet seen up to Fe XVI; extends to 60 Mm.
Tian et al. (2012, ApJ, 748, 106)
Discusses the first two AR jets from Yang et al. (2011)
Lee et al. (2013, ApJ, 766, 1)
AR jet at limb (SDO and EIS); EIS sit-and-stare; mainly seen in cool temps (He II); Fe XII shows dimming signature.
Chandrasekhar et al. (2014, A&A, 561, 104)
Two polar coronal hole jets; one observed by EIS in 40" slot data. Derived speed of about 170 km/s in Fe XII. Lateral motion of jet is highlighted.
Young & Muglach (2014, Sol. Phys., 289, 3313)

Young & Muglach (2014, PASJ, 66, 12)


Cheung et al. (2015, ApJ, 801, 83)
Homologous active region jets observed with IRIS and SDO; find evidence from twist