Coronal hole jets reported by other authors

Madjarska (2011, A&A, 526, A19)

This paper presented analysis of a single jet observed in an equatorial coronal hole.

XRT movie

This jet shows both a collimated outflow and a more broad, diffuse area of emission that gets expelled from the bright point. In the Moore et al. (2010) notation it is thus both a standard jet and a blowout jet.

Y. Shen et al. (2012, ApJ, 745, 164)

This is not a coronal hole jet, instead it occurs in an apparently open field region near a large AR.

A193, A304 movies [link to ApJ]

It's clear that this bright point has a filament prior to the jet, and the filament is ejected. A bubble-like CME is also associated with this event (seen with STEREO).