IRIS Publications in 2016

Refereed Journal Articles

The number in square brackets after the paper title is the number of citations the paper has received according to the NASA ADS Abstracts service. The links take you through to the papers' listings at NASA ADS.

  1. The Vertical-current Approximation Nonlinear Force-free Field Code-Description, Performance Tests, and Measurements of Magnetic Energies Dissipated in Solar Flares [14]
    Aschwanden, M. J., 2016, ApJS 224, 25
  2. Tracing the Chromospheric and Coronal Magnetic Field with AIA, IRIS, IBIS, and ROSA Data [9]
    Aschwanden, M. J., Reardon, K. & Jess, D. B., 2016, ApJ 826, 61
  3. Multi-wavelength Observations of a Subarcsecond Penumbral Transient Brightening Event [7]
    Bai, X. Y., Su, J. T., Cao, W. D., Liu, S. Q., Deng, Y. Y. & Priya, T. G., 2016, ApJ 823, 60
  4. Observation and Analysis of Ballistic Downflows in an M-class Flare with the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph [6]
    Brannon, S. R., 2016, ApJ 833, 101
  5. Properties and Modeling of Unresolved Fine Structure Loops Observed in the Solar Transition Region by IRIS [8]
    Brooks, D. H., Reep, J. W. & Warren, H. P., 2016, ApJL 826, L18
  6. Quasi-periodic Fluctuations and Chromospheric Evaporation in a Solar Flare Ribbon Observed by Hinode/EIS, IRIS, and RHESSI [17]
    Brosius, J. W., Daw, A. N. & Inglis, A. R., 2016, ApJ 830, 101
  7. On the Connection between Propagating Solar Coronal Disturbances and Chromospheric Footpoints [5]
    Bryans, P., McIntosh, S. W., De Moortel, I. & De Pontieu, B., 2016, ApJL 829, L18
  8. A publicly available simulation of an enhanced network region of the Sun [64]
    Carlsson, M., Hansteen, V. H., Gudiksen, B. V., Leenaarts, J. & De Pontieu, B., 2016, A&A 585, A4
  9. Tether-cutting Reconnection between Two Solar Filaments Triggering Outflows and a Coronal Mass Ejection [11]
    Chen, H., Zhang, J., Li, L. & Ma, S., 2016, ApJL 818, L27
  10. Undercover EUV Solar Jets Observed by the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph [3]
    Chen, N.-H. & Innes, D. E., 2016, ApJ 833, 22
  11. Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Solar Magnetic Flux Ropes Using Iron Forbidden Line [4]
    Cheng, X. & Ding, M. D., 2016, ApJL 823, L4
  12. A closer look at a coronal loop rooted in a sunspot umbra [14]
    Chitta, L. P., Peter, H. & Young, P. R., 2016, A&A 587, A20
  13. Atomic data and density diagnostics for S IV [8]
    Del Zanna, G. & Badnell, N. R., 2016, MNRAS 456, 3720-3728
  14. Multi-wavelength Study of Transition Region Penumbral Subarcsecond Bright Dots Using IRIS and NST [11]
    Deng, N., Yurchyshyn, V., Tian, H., Kleint, L., Liu, C., Xu, Y. & Wang, H., 2016, ApJ 829, 103
  15. The Electron Density in Explosive Transition Region Events Observed by IRIS [9]
    Doschek, G. A., Warren, H. P. & Young, P. R., 2016, ApJ 832, 77
  16. Slipping Magnetic Reconnection, Chromospheric Evaporation, Implosion, and Precursors in the 2014 September 10 X1.6-Class Solar Flare [38]
    Dudik, J., Polito, V., Janvier, M., Mulay, S. M., Karlický, M., Aulanier, G., Del Zanna, G., Dzifcáková, E., Mason, H. E. & Schmieder, B., 2016, ApJ 823, 41
  17. Diagnosing transient plasma status: from solar atmosphere to tokamak divertor [1]
    Giunta, A. S., Henderson, S., O'Mullane, M., Harrison, J., Doyle, J. G. & Summers, H. P., 2016, Journal of Instrumentation 11, C09008
  18. Height formation of bright points observed by IRIS in Mg II line wings during flux emergence [20]
    Grubecka, M., Schmieder, B., Berlicki, A., Heinzel, P., Dalmasse, K. & Mein, P., 2016, A&A 593, A32
  19. Flux rope proxies and fan-spine structures in active region NOAA 11897 [5]
    Hou, Y. J., Li, T. & Zhang, J., 2016, A&A 592, A138
  20. Light walls around sunspots observed by the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph [9]
    Hou, Y. J., Li, T., Yang, S. H. & Zhang, J., 2016, A&A 589, L7
  21. A Solar Flare Disturbing a Light Wall above a Sunspot Light Bridge [10]
    Hou, Y., Zhang, J., Li, T., Yang, S., Li, L. & Li, X., 2016, ApJL 829, L29
  22. Narrow-line-width UV Bursts in the Transition Region above Sunspots Observed by IRIS [6]
    Hou, Z., Huang, Z., Xia, L., Li, B., Madjarska, M. S., Fu, H., Mou, C. & Xie, H., 2016, ApJL 829, L30
  23. Evidence for a Magnetic Flux Rope in Observations of a Solar Prominence-Cavity System [3]
    Jibben, P., Reeves, K. & Su, Y., 2016, Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences 3, 10
  24. Unprecedented Fine Structure of a Solar Flare Revealed by the 1.6\thinspm New Solar Telescope [28]
    Jing, J., Xu, Y., Cao, W., Liu, C., Gary, D. & Wang, H., 2016, Scientific Reports 6, 24319
  25. Hinode and IRIS Observations of the Magnetohydrodynamic Waves Propagating from the Photosphere to the Chromosphere in a Sunspot [11]
    Kanoh, R., Shimizu, T. & Imada, S., 2016, ApJ 831, 24
  26. Continuum Enhancements in the Ultraviolet, the Visible and the Infrared during the X1 Flare on 2014 March 29 [35]
    Kleint, L., Heinzel, P., Judge, P. & Krucker, S., 2016, ApJ 816, 88
  27. Analysis of Coronal Rain Observed by IRIS, HINODE/SOT, and SDO/AIA: Transverse Oscillations, Kinematics, and Thermal Evolution [9]
    Kohutova, P. & Verwichte, E., 2016, ApJ 827, 39
  28. Discovery of Ubiquitous Fast-Propagating Intensity Disturbances by the Chromospheric Lyman Alpha Spectropolarimeter (CLASP) [6]
    Kubo, M., Katsukawa, Y., Suematsu, Y., Kano, R., Bando, T., Narukage, N., Ishikawa, R., Hara, H., Giono, G., Tsuneta, S., Ishikawa, S., Shimizu, T., Sakao, T., Winebarger, A., Kobayashi, K., Cirtain, J., Champey, P., Auchére, F., Trujillo Bueno, J., Asensio Ramos, A., Stepán, J., Belluzzi, L., Manso Sainz, R., De Pontieu, B., Ichimoto, K., Carlsson, M., Casini, R. & Goto, M., 2016, ApJ 832, 141
  29. Oscillatory Response of the Solar Chromosphere to a Strong Downflow Event above a Sunspot [10]
    Kwak, H., Chae, J., Song, D., Kim, Y.-H., Lim, E.-K. & Madjarska, M. S., 2016, ApJL 821, L30
  30. The cause of spatial structure in solar He I 1083 nm multiplet images [13]
    Leenaarts, J., Golding, T., Carlsson, M., Libbrecht, T. & Joshi, J., 2016, A&A 594, A104
  31. Structure of Prominence Legs: Plasma and Magnetic Field [15]
    Levens, P. J., Schmieder, B., Labrosse, N. & López Ariste, A., 2016, ApJ 818, 31
  32. Observations of solar flares with IRIS and SDO [7]
    Li, D., Innes, D. E. & Ning, Z. J., 2016, A&A 587, A11
  33. The bi-directional moving structures in a coronal bright point [6]
    Li, D., Ning, Z. & Su, Y., 2016, Ap&SS 361, 301
  34. Subarcsecond bright points and quasi-periodic upflows below a quiescent filament observed by IRIS [4]
    Li, T. & Zhang, J., 2016, A&A 589, A114
  35. Slipping Magnetic Reconnection of Flux-rope Structures as a Precursor to an Eruptive X-class Solar Flare [9]
    Li, T., Yang, K., Hou, Y. & Zhang, J., 2016, ApJ 830, 152
  36. Observations of an X-shaped Ribbon Flare in the Sun and Its Three-dimensional Magnetic Reconnection [7]
    Li, Y., Qiu, J., Longcope, D. W., Ding, M. D. & Yang, K., 2016, ApJL 823, L13
  37. Time Dependent Nonequilibrium Ionization of Transition Region Lines Observed with IRIS [16]
    Martinez-Sykora, J., De Pontieu, B., Hansteen, V. H. & Gudiksen, B., 2016, ApJ 817, 46
  38. Statistical Study of Network Jets Observed in the Solar Transition Region: a Comparison Between Coronal Holes and Quiet-Sun Regions [13]
    Narang, N., Arbacher, R. T., Tian, H., Banerjee, D., Cranmer, S. R., DeLuca, E. E. & McKillop, S., 2016, Solar Physics 291, 1129-1142
  39. On the relationship between magnetic cancellation and UV burst formation [11]
    Nelson, C. J., Doyle, J. G. & Erdčlyi, R., 2016, MNRAS 463, 2190-2201
  40. Helical Motions of Fine-structure Prominence Threads Observed by Hinode and IRIS [11]
    Okamoto, T. J., Liu, W. & Tsuneta, S., 2016, ApJ 831, 126
  41. Emergence of Granular-sized Magnetic Bubbles Through the Solar Atmosphere. III. The Path to the Transition Region [6]
    Ortiz, A., Hansteen, V. H., Bellot Rubio, L. R., de la Cruz Rodriguez, J., De Pontieu, B., Carlsson, M. & Rouppe van der Voort, L., 2016, ApJ 825, 93
  42. First simultaneous SST/CRISP and IRIS observations of a small-scale quiet Sun vortex [11]
    Park, S.-H., Tsiropoula, G., Kontogiannis, I., Tziotziou, K., Scullion, E. & Doyle, J. G., 2016, A&A 586, A25
  43. Density diagnostics derived from the O iv and S iv intercombination lines observed by IRIS [19]
    Polito, V., Del Zanna, G., Dudik, J., Mason, H. E., Giunta, A. & Reeves, K. K., 2016, A&A 594, A64
  44. Simultaneous IRIS and Hinode/EIS Observations and Modelling of the 2014 October 27 X2.0 Class Flare [37]
    Polito, V., Reep, J. W., Reeves, K. K., Sim~oes, P. J. A., Dudik, J., Del Zanna, G., Mason, H. E. & Golub, L., 2016, ApJ 816, 89
  45. Reconnection brightenings in the quiet solar photosphere [21]
    Rouppe van der Voort, L. H. M., Rutten, R. J. & Vissers, G. J. M., 2016, A&A 592, A100
  46. Data-driven Radiative Hydrodynamic Modeling of the 2014 March 29 X1.0 Solar Flare [32]
    Rubio da Costa, F., Kleint, L., Petrosian, V., Liu, W. & Allred, J. C., 2016, ApJ 827, 38
  47. Relationship Between Chromospheric Evaporation and Magnetic Field Topology in an M-Class Solar Flare [9]
    Sadykov, V. M., Kosovichev, A. G., Sharykin, I. N., Zimovets, I. V. & Vargas Dominguez, S., 2016, ApJ 828, 4
  48. What Is the Source of Quiet Sun Transition Region Emission? [2]
    Schmit, D. J. & De Pontieu, B., 2016, ApJ 831, 158
  49. On the Active Region Bright Grains Observed in the Transition Region Imaging Channels of IRIS [7]
    Skogsrud, H., Rouppe van der Voort, L. & De Pontieu, B., 2016, ApJ 817, 124
  50. Slipping reconnection in a solar flare observed in high resolution with the GREGOR solar telescope [6]
    Sobotka, M., Dudik, J., Denker, C., Balthasar, H., Jurcák, J., Liu, W., Berkefeld, T., Collados Vera, M., Feller, A., Hofmann, A., Kneer, F., Kuckein, C., Lagg, A., Louis, R. E., von der Lühe, O., Nicklas, H., Schlichenmaier, R., Schmidt, D., Schmidt, W., Sigwarth, M., Solanki, S. K., Soltau, D., Staude, J., Strassmeier, K. G., Volkmer, R. & Waldmann, T., 2016, A&A 596, A1
  51. High Spatial Resolution Fe XII Observations of Solar Active Regions [10]
    Testa, P., De Pontieu, B. & Hansteen, V., 2016, ApJ 827, 99
  52. Are IRIS Bombs Connected to Ellerman Bombs? [42]
    Tian, H., Xu, Z., He, J. & Madsen, C., 2016, ApJ 824, 96
  53. Global Sausage Oscillation of Solar Flare Loops Detected by the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph [23]
    Tian, H., Young, P. R., Reeves, K. K., Wang, T., Antolin, P., Chen, B. & He, J., 2016, ApJL 823, L16
  54. Observations of long-period oscillations of the solar active regions in the visible and UV spectral intervals [0]
    Tlatov, A. G., Dormidontov, D. V. & Chernov, Y. O., 2016, Geomagnetism and Aeronomy 56, 872-879
  55. Flow and magnetic field properties in the trailing sunspots of active region NOAA 12396 [3]
    Verma, M., Denker, C., Böhm, F., Balthasar, H., Fischer, C. E., Kuckein, C., Bello González, N., Berkefeld, T., Collados, M., Diercke, A., Feller, A., González Manrique, S. J., Hofmann, A., Lagg, A., Nicklas, H., Orozco Suárez, D., Pator Yabar, A., Rezaei, R., Schlichenmaier, R., Schmidt, D., Schmidt, W., Sigwarth, M., Sobotka, M., Solanki, S. K., Soltau, D., Staude, J., Strassmeier, K. G., Volkmer, R., von der Lühe, O. & Waldmann, T., 2016, Astronomische Nachrichten 337, 1090
  56. Observed IRIS Profiles of the h and k Doublet of Mg ii and Comparison with Profiles from Quiescent Prominence NLTE Models [6]
    Vial, J.-C., Pelouze, G., Heinzel, P., Kleint, L. & Anzer, U., 2016, Solar Physics 291, 67-87
  57. Transition Region and Chromospheric Signatures of Impulsive Heating Events. I. Observations [13]
    Warren, H. P., Reep, J. W., Crump, N. A. & Sim~oes, P. J. A., 2016, ApJ 829, 35
  58. Ultra-narrow Negative Flare Front Observed in Helium-10830 Ĺ Using the 1.6 m New Solar Telescope [13]
    Xu, Y., Cao, W., Ding, M., Kleint, L., Su, J., Liu, C., Ji, H., Chae, J., Jing, J., Cho, K., Cho, K., Gary, D. & Wang, H., 2016, ApJ 819, 89
  59. Enhancement of a Sunspot Light Wall with External Disturbances [12]
    Yang, S., Zhang, J. & Erdčlyi, R., 2016, ApJL 833, L18
  60. Chromospheric Condensation and Quasi-periodic Pulsations in a Circular-ribbon Flare [14]
    Zhang, Q. M., Li, D. & Ning, Z. J., 2016, ApJ 832, 65
  61. Explosive Chromospheric Evaporation in a Circular-ribbon Flare [24]
    Zhang, Q. M., Li, D., Ning, Z. J., Su, Y. N., Ji, H. S. & Guo, Y., 2016, ApJ 827, 27
  62. Tracing p-mode Waves from the Photosphere to the Corona in Active Regions [9]
    Zhao, J., Felipe, T., Chen, R. & Khomenko, E., 2016, ApJL 830, L17
  63. Observations of Magnetic Flux-rope Oscillation during the Precursor Phase of a Solar Eruption [10]
    Zhou, G. P., Zhang, J. & Wang, J. X., 2016, ApJL 823, L19
  64. Non-LTE Inversions of the Mg II h and k and UV Triplet Lines [15]
    de la Cruz Rodriguez, J., Leenaarts, J. & Asensio Ramos, A., 2016, ApJL 830, L30

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CountryFirst author papers
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Norway 4
Germany 2
UK 6
Czech Republic 2
Poland 1
Japan 3
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Sweden 1
France 2
Greece 1

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