IRIS Publications in 2015

Conference Proceedings/Technical Reports

The number in square brackets after the paper title is the number of citations the paper has received according to the NASA ADS Abstracts service. The links take you through to the papers' listings at NASA ADS.

  1. IRIS observations and 3D `realistic' MHD models of the solar chromosphere [0]
    Hansteen, V., Carlsson, M. & Gudiksen, B., 2015, , 19-28
  2. Spectral Diagnostics of Cool Prominence and PCTR Optically Thin Plasmas [6]
    Parenti, S., 2015, 415, 61
  3. Magnetic Flux Emergence Along the Solar Cycle [1]
    Schmieder, B., Archontis, V. & Pariat, E., 2015, , 227
  4. Three-dimensional simulations of scattering polarization and the Hanle effect in MHD chromospheric models [3]
    Stepán, J., 2015, 305, 360-367
  5. Limb Event Brightenings and Fast Ejection Using IRIS Mission Observations [0]
    Tavabi, E., Koutchmy, S. & Golub, L., 2015, Solar Physics ,

Author-country information

This table indicates the location of the first authors of the papers given above.

CountryFirst author papers
Norway 1
Belgium 1
France 1
Iran 1

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