IHOP 267 observations of AR 12182 (Oct. 2014)

This AR had a small sunspot that passed the central meridian around 16 UT on 5-Oct-2015.

There was a problem with the EIS planning tool at this time which led to offsets between the requested pointing and the actual pointing. The pointings are about 30-40" north of where they should be so the sunspot appears at the bottom of the EIS rasters.

5 October

IRIS: 07:55-10:55, 21 rasters
EIS: 06:23-09:50, 31 rasters

There's a nice sunspot plume visible in the EIS data (see images below), but the IRIS pointing is offset to the east of the sunspot. The plume is thus at the right-hand edge of the IRIS raster (see image below), so we may not be seeing the base. O IV is clearly red-shifted in the plume.

IRIS raster at 07:55, 5-Oct-2014. Left panel shows continuum and right panel shows O IV 1401. Log intensity.

EIS raster at 07:50, 5-Oct-2014. Left panel shows O IV 278; middle panel shows Mg VI 269 and right panel shows Fe IX 197. Linear intensity shown.