Sunspot with complete loop, AR 12526, 31 March 2016

I hastily arranged this observation when I saw that a sunspot crossing the central meridian was connected by loops to patches fairly close by, such that the loops were clearly identified. Both EIS and IRIS supported. For EIS I requested a large raster covering both footpoints; IRIS performed two separate pointings.

Unfortunately the loop wasn't very clear at the time of observation, and the sunspot footpoint could not be clearly identified due to other loops in the foreground. It may still be useful for getting doppler measurements at the non-sunspot end of the loop.

The EIS study was HPW021VEL360x512v1_b, beginning at 11:10 UT, with pointing (+372,+50). The duration was 3hr 15min.

The IRIS plan was:

+0 11:12-12:38     cool coronal loop footpoints, coordination with EIS [462", 73"]
+0 12:48-14:13 cool coronal loop footpoints, E footpoints [253", 36"]

Thanks to Ishii-san (EIS) and Paola Testa (IRIS) for arranging this observation.

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