IHOP 266 observations of AR plume on 16-Nov-2016

This was an observation of an AR plume in the SW quadrant, fairly near limb. The EIS slit was positioned on the plume legs, just above the base.

AIA 171 and 193 movies at 5 minute cadence with EIS slit over-plotted. Logarithmic intensity scaling.

EIS observations

EIS ran six Cool_loop_stare rasters consecutively from 16:45 to 20:34 UT. There are alot of data dropouts, especially towards the end. I don't see anything particularly interesting in the EIS data.

SOT data

SP 160"x123" maps at 16:44, 18:00 and 19:13 UT.

IRIS observations

IRIS did sit-and-stare observations at 16:39, 17:37 and 19:14 UT (during eclipse season). Note that the observation was called "explosive events in AR 12609 with Hinode". The exposure time is very low (1 second).

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