AR plume observation, 15-Sep-2016

There was a large, splayed plume structure passing close to disk center on this day so I requested a run of IHOP 266. Hinode allocated me the time 10:08 to 14:08, but IRIS could only support for the period 12:00-14:08.

The movie below shows 5 minute cadence AIA movies in the 171 and 195 angstrom channels (left and right, respectively), with the location of the EIS slit indicated by a narrow rectangle.

AIA 171 and 193 movies covering the period of the observation, with the EIS slit over-plotted.

EIS data-set

The planned EIS observation is given below. The CO was Akiko Hosoi.

10:52   PRY_slot_context_v3
10:55   Cool_loop_stare (3 repeats)
13:47   PRY_slot_context_v3

The start times of the trhee Cool_loop_stare files are 10:55, 11:52 and 12:50.

My initial check of the EIS does not show the prominent 195 jets that I've seen in other plumes.

IRIS data-set

I requested a 8-step raster with 30s exposures, which was run for the period 12:10 to 14:08. Chad Madsen was the planner.

SOT data-set

Tatsuki Yasuda was the SOT planner and he scheduled the following sequence:

   2016/09/15 12:00:00 - 2016/09/15 14:07:35
   SOT pointing: (-82,81) tracking at 2016/09/15 10:08:00
     SP12 (0x01a0) Fast map, Q65, 123"x123", 1-side CCD, No Summing ROI-1

XRT data-set

Aki Takeda was the XRT CO and she scheduled the following:

 XOB #1B53: HOP266 - CH plumes - Al/Poly(4096ms) - Thin-Be(11571ms)  60s cadence - AEC0 + G-band - 1x1 - FOV256
    09/15 10:11:00 - 09/15 14:07:54 : # OP start + 10min, IHOP266

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