Coronal hole plume observation, 17-Nov-2015

I arranged this joint observation with IRIS when I was EIS CO. XRT was doing a bakeout and SOT did not support.

The plume lay in a narrow, diagonal lane but is quite bright.

AIA 171 and 193 movies covering the period of the observation, with the EIS slit over-plotted.

EIS observation

The as-run observation was:

11:10-11:13   PRY_slot_context_v3
11:14-14:05 Cool_loop_stare [sit-and-stare, 330 repeats]
14:05-14:08 PRY_slot_context_v3
14:09-15:52 Cool_loop_narrow [raster, 15 repeats]
15:52-15:55 PRY_slot_context_v3

The pointing was a little to the left of the plume's core, so the brightest emission is missed by cool_loop_stare. The base is caught nicelywith the rasters though.

Although cool_loop_stare was scheduled for 3 runs, there are actually four files. However there's a big data drop-out from raster 2 to raster 3 so I the think two files should be put back together into a single file, i.e., there's not actually any data missing.

IRIS observation

Hans Courier was the IRIS planner, and the observation was performed in 4 groups of rasters due to the eclipse season:

No. rasters





The 16-step raster given in the HOP 266 description was used.

SOT observations

There was no SOT support for this observation.

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