Plume observation, 29-Sep-2014

This was a fairly weak plume near the boundary with the south coronal hole. The movie below shows the location of the EIS slit on AIA 171 and 193 images. The region at the top/middle of the slit is rather messy, but there is a weak plume in 171 at the bottom of the slit. In 193, however, it seems to be contaminated by the large boundary plumes. Note that the plume does not have a bright point.

I didn't request this observation and (like 28-Sep) it seems to be part of a coordination with SST and IRIS.

AIA 171 (left) and 193 (right) movies at 5 minute cadence, with position of EIS slit indicated. Logarithmic intensity scaling.

EIS data-set

Four repeats of Cool_loop_stare were run between 08:06 and 11:55, with an initial pointing of -166,-717). The small bright point at the bottom of the slit in the AIA movies is seen in the EIS data, confirming the pointing.

IRIS data-set

A 4-step, dense raster was run continuously between 07:54 and 11:39 UT. 650 rasters were run in all. I haven't checked this data.

Link to LMSAL page.

SOT observation

Ran Na magnetograms and Ca II between 08:04 and 12:29 UT.

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