IHOP 266 observations of equatorial plume on 24-Sep-2014

Cool_loop_stare was repeated 5 times between 18:53 and 23:40. The position was (262,-245) at 18:53. Inspection of the  EIS data shows very uniform emission with time. From AIA 171 (Helioviewer) there's a fairly non-descript plume at (246,-300) which is probably what EIS is seeing.

IRIS supported the observation during 18:09 to 20:17. The pointing was (218,-236) at 18:53, so there's no overlap with EIS!

The movie belows shows the AIA 171 and 193 sequences with the EIS slit over-plotted. Note that the little bright point at Y=-212 is not seen in the EIS slit data.

AIA 171 (left) and 193 (right) movies at 5 minute cadence, with position of EIS slit indicated. Logarithmic intensity scaling.

SOT observations

SOT ran Na magnetograms and Ca II between 18:14 and 19:00 UT. Then it switched to SP fast maps (164x164) from 19:00 onwards.

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