IHOP 266 observations of equatorial plumes on 20-Sep-2014

Three repeats of Cool_loop_stare were performed from at 18:18, 19:43 and 21:21. Not coordinated with IRIS.

The EIS slit goes through two plumes: a weaker one at about Y=-250 and a brighter one at Y=-330. The latter gets significantly fainter with time (perhaps 30%) and becomes broader.

For the brighter plume, 195 shows a dark lane near the edge of the 197.86 plume. It also looks like the intensity of 195 is oscillating, but only on the blue side of the profile (?!).

There's a dynamic event at Y=-220 between 18:26 and 18:41 for which He II has a double-peaked profile. It seems to match a small dynamic event in the AIA 171 movie. It can be seen in O V 192.9, but doesn't seem to be a signal in other lines.

AIA 171 movie at 1 minute cadence. Logarithmic intensity scaling.

SOT observations

SOT ran G-band, Ca II and Na magnetograms between 18:16 and 22:16 UT.

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