IHOP 266 observations of small jet on 16-Sep-2014

Three repeats of Cool_loop_stare were performed from 15:47 to 18:39. Not coordinated with IRIS. The observation was positioned between two active region complexes and there isn't obvious plume emission.

A dynamic event occurs at about 18:00 with a weak, southward jet ejected. The EIS coordinates of this jet are (302,-370). The AIA 171 movie shows that a nice little jet does occur. It will need some work to find exactly where the slit was. Note that the EIS pointing seems to be about 10" east of where it should be.

AIA 171 and 193 movies at 5 minute cadence with the EIS slit over-plotted. Logarithmic intensity scaling.

The image below is a screen grab from eis_raster_browser showing the Fe XII 195 image from raster 3/3. The brightening associated with the jet is at Y=-370 and you can just see the ejected spire emission below this.

SOT observations

G-band and Ca II were obtained from 15:09 to 19:19 UT.

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