EIS Publications in 2012

Refereed Journal Articles

The number in square brackets after the paper title is the number of citations the paper has received according to the NASA ADS Abstracts service. The links take you through to the papers' listings at NASA ADS.

  1. Observing the Fine Structure of Loops through High-resolution Spectroscopic Observations of Coronal Rain with the CRISP Instrument at the Swedish Solar Telescope [89]
    Antolin, P. & Rouppe van der Voort, L., 2012, ApJ 745, 152
  2. Forecasting a CME by Spectroscopic Precursor? [9]
    Baker, D., van Driel-Gesztelyi, L. & Green, L. M., 2012, Solar Physics 276, 219-239
  3. Spectroscopic Signature of Alfvèn Waves Damping in a Polar Coronal Hole up to 0.4 Solar Radii [36]
    Bemporad, A. & Abbo, L., 2012, ApJ 751, 110
  4. Flows at the Edge of an Active Region: Observation and Interpretation [10]
    Boutry, C., Buchlin, E., Vial, J.-C. & Règnier, S., 2012, ApJ 752, 13
  5. The Coronal Source of Extreme-ultraviolet Line Profile Asymmetries in Solar Active Region Outflows [28]
    Brooks, D. H. & Warren, H. P., 2012, ApJL 760, L5
  6. Solar Coronal Loops Resolved by Hinode and the Solar Dynamics Observatory [57]
    Brooks, D. H., Warren, H. P. & Ugarte-Urra, I., 2012, ApJL 755, L33
  7. Doppler shift of hot coronal lines in a moss area of an active region [12]
    Dadashi, N., Teriaca, L., Tripathi, D., Solanki, S. K. & Wiegelmann, T., 2012, A&A 548, A115
  8. Benchmarking atomic data for the CHIANTI atomic database: coronal lines observed by Hinode EIS [45]
    Del Zanna, G., 2012, A&A 537, A38
  9. Atomic data for astrophysics: Fe xii soft X-ray lines [30]
    Del Zanna, G., Storey, P. J., Badnell, N. R. & Mason, H. E., 2012, A&A 543, A139
  10. The Dynamics and Heating of Active Region Loops [23]
    Doschek, G. A., 2012, ApJ 754, 153
  11. Outflow Velocity Structure in the Upper Transition Region and Corona [0]
    Gabriel, A. & Abbo, L., 2012, Solar Physics 280, 435-443
  12. Comparison between observed and theoretical O IV line ratios in the UV/EUV solar spectrum as derived by SUMER, CDS and EIS [6]
    Giunta, A. S., Fludra, A., O'Mullane, M. G. & Summers, H. P., 2012, A&A 538, A88
  13. Evidence of Wave Damping at Low Heights in a Polar Coronal Hole [45]
    Hahn, M., Landi, E. & Savin, D. W., 2012, ApJ 753, 36
  14. Differential emission measures from the regularized inversion of Hinode and SDO data [129]
    Hannah, I. G. & Kontar, E. P., 2012, A&A 539, A146
  15. Non-thermal Response of the Corona to the Magnetic Flux Dispersal in the Photosphere of a Decaying Active Region [2]
    Harra, L. K. & Abramenko, V. I., 2012, ApJ 759, 104
  16. The Creation of Outflowing Plasma in the Corona at Emerging Flux Regions: Comparing Observations and Simulations [18]
    Harra, L. K., Archontis, V., Pedram, E., Hood, A. W., Shelton, D. L. & van Driel-Gesztelyi, L., 2012, Solar Physics 278, 47-71
  17. A Global Two-temperature Corona and Inner Heliosphere Model: A Comprehensive Validation Study [29]
    Jin, M., Manchester, W. B., van der Holst, B., Gruesbeck, J. R., Frazin, R. A., Landi, E., Vasquez, A. M., Lamy, P. L., Llebaria, A., Fedorov, A., Toth, G. & Gombosi, T. I., 2012, ApJ 745, 6
  18. Long-Term Variation of the Corona in Quiet Regions [6]
    Kamio, S. & Mariska, J. T., 2012, Solar Physics 279, 419-426
  19. Oscillations in Active Region Fan Loops: Observations from EIS/ Hinode and AIA/SDO [17]
    Krishna Prasad, S., Banerjee, D. & Singh, J., 2012, Solar Physics 281, 67-85
  20. Temperature and Extreme-ultraviolet Intensity in a Coronal Prominence Cavity and Streamer [20]
    Kucera, T. A., Gibson, S. E., Schmit, D. J., Landi, E. & Tripathi, D., 2012, ApJ 757, 73
  21. New Solar Wind Diagnostic Using Both in Situ and Spectroscopic Measurements [19]
    Landi, E., Gruesbeck, J. R., Lepri, S. T. & Zurbuchen, T. H., 2012, ApJ 750, 159
  22. Post-Coronal Mass Ejection Plasma Observed by Hinode [17]
    Landi, E., Raymond, J. C., Miralles, M. P. & Hara, H., 2012, ApJ 751, 21
  23. Monte Carlo Markov chain DEM reconstruction of isothermal plasmas [16]
    Landi, E., Reale, F. & Testa, P., 2012, A&A 538, A111
  24. Interaction and eruption of two filaments observed by Hinode, SOHO, and STEREO [5]
    Li, Y. & Ding, M.-D., 2012, Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics 12, 287-299
  25. Analysis and Modeling of Two Flare Loops Observed by AIA and EIS [8]
    Li, Y., Qiu, J. & Ding, M. D., 2012, ApJ 758, 52
  26. Coronal hole boundaries evolution at small scales. III. EIS and SUMER views [28]
    Madjarska, M. S., Huang, Z., Doyle, J. G. & Subramanian, S., 2012, A&A 545, A67
  27. Multi-wavelength Spectroscopic Observation of Extreme-ultraviolet Jet in AR 10960 [10]
    Matsui, Y., Yokoyama, T., Kitagawa, N. & Imada, S., 2012, ApJ 759, 15
  28. Recent Observations of Plasma and Alfvènic Wave Energy Injection at the Base of the Fast Solar Wind [12]
    McIntosh, S. W., 2012, Sp. Sci. Rev. 172, 69-87
  29. On the Doppler Velocity of Emission Line Profiles Formed in the ``Coronal Contraflow'' that Is the Chromosphere-Corona Mass Cycle [32]
    McIntosh, S. W., Tian, H., Sechler, M. & De Pontieu, B., 2012, ApJ 749, 60
  30. On the Nature and Genesis of EUV Waves: A Synthesis of Observations from SOHO, STEREO, SDO, and Hinode (Invited Review) [89]
    Patsourakos, S. & Vourlidas, A., 2012, Solar Physics 281, 187-222
  31. The Cold Shoulder: Emission Measure Distributions of Active Region Cores [29]
    Schmelz, J. T. & Pathak, S., 2012, ApJ 756, 126
  32. EUV Analysis of a Quasi-static Coronal Loop Structure [4]
    Scott, J. T., Martens, P. C. H. & McKenzie, D. E., 2012, Solar Physics 276, 113-131
  33. Coronal Cells [15]
    Sheeley, Jr., N. R. & Warren, H. P., 2012, ApJ 749, 40
  34. What is the true nature of blinkers? [6]
    Subramanian, S., Madjarska, M. S., Doyle, J. G. & Bewsher, D., 2012, A&A 538, A50
  35. Study of the Three-Dimensional Shape and Dynamics of Coronal Loops Observed by Hinode/EIS [3]
    Syntelis, P., Gontikakis, C., Georgoulis, M. K., Alissandrakis, C. E. & Tsinganos, K., 2012, Solar Physics 280, 475-489
  36. Spectroscopic Observations of Fe XVIII in Solar Active Regions [21]
    Teriaca, L., Warren, H. P. & Curdt, W., 2012, ApJL 754, L40
  37. Hinode/EIS Spectroscopic Validation of Very Hot Plasma Imaged with the Solar Dynamics Observatory in Non-flaring Active Region Cores [42]
    Testa, P. & Reale, F., 2012, ApJL 750, L10
  38. Investigating the Reliability of Coronal Emission Measure Distribution Diagnostics using Three-dimensional Radiative Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations [31]
    Testa, P., De Pontieu, B., Martinez-Sykora, J., Hansteen, V. & Carlsson, M., 2012, ApJ 758, 54
  39. Persistent Doppler Shift Oscillations Observed with Hinode/EIS in the Solar Corona: Spectroscopic Signatures of Alfvènic Waves and Recurring Upflows [48]
    Tian, H., McIntosh, S. W., Wang, T., Ofman, L., De Pontieu, B., Innes, D. E. & Peter, H., 2012, ApJ 759, 144
  40. What can We Learn about Solar Coronal Mass Ejections, Coronal Dimmings, and Extreme-ultraviolet Jets through Spectroscopic Observations? [46]
    Tian, H., McIntosh, S. W., Xia, L., He, J. & Wang, X., 2012, ApJ 748, 106
  41. Active Region Moss: Doppler Shifts from Hinode/Extreme-ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer Observations [14]
    Tripathi, D., Mason, H. E. & Klimchuk, J. A., 2012, ApJ 753, 37
  42. Observations of Plasma Upflow in a Warm Loop with Hinode/EIS [14]
    Tripathi, D., Mason, H. E., Del Zanna, G. & Bradshaw, S., 2012, ApJL 754, L4
  43. Is Active Region Core Variability Age Dependent? [20]
    Ugarte-Urra, I. & Warren, H. P., 2012, ApJ 761, 21
  44. Nonlinear Force-Free Extrapolation of Emerging Flux with a Global Twist and Serpentine Fine Structures [46]
    Valori, G., Green, L. M., Dèmoulin, P., Vargas Dominguez, S., van Driel-Gesztelyi, L., Wallace, A., Baker, D. & Fuhrmann, M., 2012, Solar Physics 278, 73-97
  45. A Systematic Survey of High-temperature Emission in Solar Active Regions [99]
    Warren, H. P., Winebarger, A. R. & Brooks, D. H., 2012, ApJ 759, 141
  46. Hinode Flare Catalogue [26]
    Watanabe, K., Masuda, S. & Segawa, T., 2012, Solar Physics 279, 317-322
  47. Production of High-Temperature Plasmas During the Early Phases of a C9.7 Flare. II. Bi-directional Flows Suggestive of Reconnection in a Pre-flare Brightening Region [4]
    Watanabe, T., Hara, H., Sterling, A. C. & Harra, L. K., 2012, Solar Physics 281, 87-99
  48. Defining the ''Blind Spot'' of Hinode EIS and XRT Temperature Measurements [33]
    Winebarger, A. R., Warren, H. P., Schmelz, J. T., Cirtain, J., Mulu-Moore, F., Golub, L. & Kobayashi, K., 2012, ApJL 746, L17
  49. Velocity Measurements for a Solar Active Region Fan Loop from Hinode/EIS Observations [41]
    Young, P. R., O'Dwyer, B. & Mason, H. E., 2012, ApJ 744, 14
  50. Magnetic Topology of Active Regions and Coronal Holes: Implications for Coronal Outflows and the Solar Wind [38]
    van Driel-Gesztelyi, L., Culhane, J. L., Baker, D., Dèmoulin, P., Mandrini, C. H., DeRosa, M. L., Rouillard, A. P., Opitz, A., Stenborg, G., Vourlidas, A. & Brooks, D. H., 2012, Solar Physics 281, 237-262

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France 3
US 21
Germany 3
China 3
India 3
Japan 3
Greece 2

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