Planning week 6-10 January 2015

This was a truncated week running from Tuesday to Saturday (two uploads).

The week began with AR 12253 just past the central meridian and producing C and M class flares. HOP 274 was run on AR 12257 (near meridian) and so this became the target for OP 2. The region was not particularly active, but it showed emerging flux and also transequatorial loops connecting to AR 12255 in the south.

Tuesday 6 Jan (OP 1)

AIA 193 image

I decided to blow all of the telemetry doing a 4 hour run of qub_hi-cad_flare_v2 - a high data rate study of Ryan Milligan - for the period 10:57 to 15:02. I chose the east footpoints of AR 12253. [UPDATE: a M1 flare did occur at at about 12 UT, but from an AR at the east limb!]

Wednesday 7 Jan (OP1)

No science observations this day.

Thursday 8 Jan (OP 2)

AIA 193 image

AR 12257 (north) showed some loops connecting to AR 12255 (south) so I requested a pointing to observe these loops. I first ran HPW021VEL360x512v1_b at 10:29 to observe the loops between the two active regions. I then ran HPW021VEL240x512v1_b at 1344 to cover the large fan loop extending northwards from the east side of AR 12257. I then ran EL_FULL_CCD_RASTER at 15:55 to get deep exposures of the fan loop.

Since AR 12257 showed some small brightenings in the core, I decided to run my HOP 268 (MMFs) study.  Cor_Hole _Jet_v1 was  repeated 28 times between 18:15 and 21:10.

Friday 9 Jan (OP 2)

AIA 193 image

SOT was spending 3 hours at disk center to obtain a flatfield. There were several interesting structures near disk center, so I decided to run a large scan (HPW022_VEL_480x512v1) to observe them. The FOV should include: large fan loop/outflow region, transequatorial loops, coronal hole, coronal cells, coronal hole plume. The study runs between 05:56 and 07:07 and again between 07:33 and 08:44.

I continued the HOP 268 study for the period 09:20 to 14:30 (28 repeats).

HOP 274 was supported on AR 12257 with HH_Flare_raster_v6 for 14:30 to 17:50.

The HOP 268 study (Cor_hole_jet_v1) was run again on AR 12257 for the period 18:20 to 05:35 (110 repeats). [UPDATE: a small flare was seen during 01:33-02:30 with IRIS.]

Saturday 10 Jan (OP 2)

AIA 193 image

There's a large plume structure in/near the coronal hole, near disk center. I scheduled Cool_loop_resp_v2 (x2) between 05:51 and 06:23, and Cool_loop_stare from 06:23 to 08:26. The latter is the study for HOP 266 (small-scale reconnection in coronal hole plumes).