Planning week 23-30 December 2014

Hinode was doing focussed mode operations over the Christmas period. These are 7-day plans that run from Tuesday to Tuesday. I was responsible for the plan covering 23-30 December.

At the start of the period there were two regions producing flares: AR 12242 and AR 12241. Both regions were close to the west limb, and I estimated that they would be 10 degrees longitude behind the limb at 24-Dec 24:00, and 26-Dec 18:00, respectively. We thus scheduled observations of each until these times.

Since the ARs were at the limb when we observed them, I scheduled Tongjiang Wang's off-limb flare studies for most of the time. From Helioviewer movies it looks like the only interesting activity occurred around 24 UT on 23-Dec.

For the period 26-Dec 18:00 to 28-Dec 18:00 we observed the boundary of the south coronal hole. The coronal hole seems to have opened up after we planned the observation and the data should be very good.

Tuesday 23 December

AIA 193 image

The plan began with Atlas_60 on AR 12242 at 10:21. I then ran the following:

hot_loop_osc_1_v4, 13:00, 5h 55m
hot_loop_osc_2_v4, 18:15, 11h 50m  [possible C6 flare at 24 UT]

Wednesday 24 December

AIA 193 image

AR 12242 monitoring continued with the following:

hot_loop_osc_1_v4, 06:31, 10h 9m
hot_loop_osc_2_v4, 18:17, 5h 38m

Thursday 25 December

AIA 193 image

Christmas Day began with a change of pointing to AR 12241 and the following studies:

hot_loop_osc_1_v4, 00:05, 5h 47m
hot_loop_osc_2_v4, 06:03, 11h 42m
hot_loop_osc_1_v4, 18:06, 7h 37m

Friday 26 December

AIA 193 image

For the coronal hole observation I ran issi_jet_1 almost continuously:

issi_jet_1, 18:08, 12h 21m

Saturday 27 December

AIA 193 image

Coronal hole monitoring continued:

issi_jet_1, 06:41, 11h 20m
issi_jet_1, 18:27, 11h 20m

Sunday 28 December

AIA 193 image

Coronal hole monitoring continued:

issi_jet_1, 06:13, 11h 20m

North and east limb alignment studies were run from 18:10 to 22:10.

Monday 29 December

No science studies performed.

Tuesday 30 December

No science studies performed.