Planning week 21-24 December 2013

I had the job of doing the EIS plan for the weekend (OP 1) for Christmas week. The Sun was quiet so I concentrated on getting coordinated observations with IRIS. There were three observations:

  1. Coronal hole bright point/jet study (north coronal hole)
  2. Fan loop study for AR 11928
  3. Sunspot study for AR 11931

IRIS had a pointing problem for observation 2, and it pointed at the wrong AR for observation 3.

Saturday 21 December

AIA 193 image

For the period 10-18 UT I scheduled SK_QS_34x168c to run continuously. The target was a bright point in a coronal hole that I hoped would produce jetting. IRIS obtained observations during the whole period (apart from eclipses), but the pointing was just to the east of the main jetting location.

For the period 18-06 UT I selected the fan loops on the east side of AR 11928, running the Cool_loop_response study. The hope was to see a fan loop being born. There seems to have been a problem with IRIS slewing for this observation so I don't think the data will be good.

Sunday 22 December

AIA 193 image

The fan loop study continued until 06 UT.

Monday 23 December

AIA 193 image

We moved to AR 11931 to observe the sunspot for the period 18-24 UT. I wanted IRIS support, but it was pointed at AR 11928 and not 11931.