NASA/GSFC activities

This page contains documents and links for some activities that I've organized at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) since I arrived in 2015.

Data analysis

IDL plot objects

On 3-Mar-2016 I organized a session to discuss how to use the built-in IDL plot objects. The set of routines I used for the tutorial are available as a gzipped tar file.

Some links for further information are:

IDL plot objects
Making a mp4 movie from IDL

SDO image cut-outs

With Shea Hess Webber I gave a tutorial on 3-Dec-2015 to show how to obtain SDO cutout data from the Stanford JSOC service. Some information about this process is given below.

SDO Data JSOC Export and Cutout Service - Example and Documentation (Hess Webber & Young, 2016)
Guide to obtaining SDO cutouts at the Hinode/EIS wiki

Querying ADS from IDL

On 27-Jul-2017 I gave a demo of some new IDL software that I wrote for querying the ADS abstracts service. I have a short guide to this software.

Meetings and events

SunDC meetings

I co-founded the SunDC series of meetings in 2014 with Brian Dennis. These are 1-day meetings to bring together Solar Physicists in the Washington DC area on a focused science topic. The links below show the agendas for these meetings.

17-Jul-2014 - Solar flares
25-Feb-2015 - Solar eruptive events
14-Oct-2015 - Energy release in solar eruptive events
11-May-2016 - What IRIS is telling us about flare plasma
14-Jul-2017 - Small-scale heating in the solar atmosphere
17-May-2018 - ExoPlanet Space Weather (organized by Vourlidas, Kwon, Raouafi at JHU/APL)

Spectroscopy club

This is for a group of people in Code 671 who are interested in solar spectroscopy. We meet about a once a month with someone giving an informal presentation about their work. The list of past speakers and topics are given below:

The EUVST mission concept
Harry Warren
Localized Quasi-Periodic Fluctuations in C II, Si IV, and Fe XXI Emission During Chromospheric Evaporation in a Flare Ribbon Observed by IRIS on 2017 September 9
Jeff Brosius
Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Active Region Jets
Helen Mason
Motions in a Prominence Barb Observed on the Solar Limb
Terry Kucera
Explosive chromospheric evaporation and warm rain in a C3.1 flare observed by IRIS, Hinode/EIS, and RHESSI
Jeff Brosius
Results from the First CLASP Flight
Don Schmit
Slitless imaging spectroscopy
Joe Davila
Opportunities for new spectroscopy missions
Jet-excited kink oscillations of coronal loops observed by Hinode/EIS and SDO/AIA
Tongjiang Wang
Material injected along a loop during the 2011 November 5 C9 flare
Andrew Inglis
Modeling the near-ultraviolet line and continuum emission in solar flare spectra from IRIS
Adam Kowalski
Report on the ALMA-DKIST-IRIS meeting
Sarah Jaeggli
18-Feb-2016 Solar UV bursts - summary of a recent ISSI meeting Peter Young
Calibration for the EUNIS-13 rocket flight
Adrian Daw & AJ Ancheta
Giving names to numbers - Line identification in IRIS reference spectra
Sarah Jaeggli
Intensity Conserving Spectral Fitting:  A New Tool for Spectroscopic (and other) Analysis
Jim Klimchuk
Slitless spectroscopy
Joe Davila
Sunspot loops observed with IRIS
Peter Young & Bernhard Fleck


On 2018 February 8 I organized a 1-day workshop at Goddard titled "Collaborative studies of the 10 September 2017 X-flare". There were 21 attendees and there were talks on the data obtained by EOVSA, RHESSI, Fermi, IRIS and Hinode/EIS - see the agenda. Some movies related to this event are available at

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