I was the Project Scientist for the CDS instrument on SOHO during 2004-2007. This page has some links to CDS information that I prepared during this time. Please check the CDS homepage at RAL for more details about the instrument.


SOHO enters "keyhole" periods every 3 months where contacts are limited. A prescription for performing CDS planning during this period is available.

Following the successful launch of Hinode in 2006 September, a high priority for CDS is to obtain coordinated observations with the EIS instrument on Hinode. A guide to coordinating with EIS is available to aid CDS planners.


JOP 183: information about CDS studies run for this JOP.

Emission line fitting for CDS

Processing and fitting. A guide to how I go about processing CDS data and performing line fitting.
Automatic line fitting. Routines for automatically fitting CDS data-sets.

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