Peter Young presentations at AAS 2014 (Boston)

This page gives links to talks given by Dr Peter Young at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Boston during 1-5 June, 2014.

Laboratory Astrophysics Division

Session 106 - Bridging Laboratory and Astrophysics: Atoms

Assessing atomic data accuracy along isoelectronic sequences [pptx, pdf]

Solar Physics Division

Session 302 - Chromosphere and Transition Region I

Intense active region brightenings observed by IRIS [pptx, pdf]


  1. HMI magnetogram with A1700 contours over-plotted [mp4, 1.7 MB]
  2. Three-panel showing IRIS Si IV slitjaw, AIA 171 and AIA 211 [mp4, 1.8 MB]
  3. Two-panel showing close-up of Si IV slitjaw event, and unsharp-masked version [mp4, 0.7 MB]