NSF Project: Measuring the mass flux and magnetic evolution of jets in the solar atmosphere

Dr P.R. Young (PI) and Dr. K. Muglach received a 3 year grant (number: AGS-1159353) from the National Science Foundation to study jets in the solar atmosphere. The project began on 1 March 2012, and this webpage links to results from the work.

Coronal hole jets

Coronal hole jets are the principal focus of this NSF project, and the sections below give details about observations and analysis. For comparison, the link below shows movies of jets presented by other authors.

Jets reported by other authors

HOP 177

A spectroscopic survey of jets in coronal holes was performed using data from Hinode Observing Program No. 177, and this section gives details and results from this study.

Jets measured in EIS data of a coronal hole, 8-10 February 2011 (HOP 177)
HOP 177, 28-31 Mar 2015

Coronal hole observations obtained as part of project

As part of the NSF project, a number of new coronal hole observations have been organized by Young & Muglach to observe coronal hole jets. The link below gives more details on these observations.

New coronal hole observations.

HOP 232 (ISSI jet team)

An ISSI International Team is studying coronal hole jets, and Peter Young worked with the team to design a new HOP for obtaining new observations of jets. The link below gives details of the data obtained through this HOP and other associated observations.

HOP 232/ISSI team observations

The large south coronal hole of 2014-15

A large south coronal hole was present from around September 2014 to March 2015. A list of EIS observations is available.


"SDO and Hinode Observations of a Blowout Jet in a Coronal Hole" [ADS]
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"A Coronal Hole Jet Observed with Hinode and the Solar Dynamics Observatory" [ADS]
Young & Muglach, 2014, Publ. Astr. Soc. Japan, accepted.

"Dark Jets in Solar Coronal Holes" [ADS]
Young, 2015, submitted to the Astrophysical Journal, arXiv:1501.02751


"The velocity signature of coronal jets observed with Hinode/EIS and SDO" [pdf]
K. Muglach & P.R. Young
Poster presented at the LWS/SDO Science Workshop, Cambridge, MD, March 2013.

"Dark jets in coronal holes" [pdf, pptx]
P.R. Young & K. Muglach
Talk given at Hinode-7 meeting, Takayama, Japan, November 2013.

"Coronal Jets: Advances in Observations and Theory" [pdf, pptx]
P.R. Young
Seminar given at the Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory, Palo Alto, CA, April 2014.

"Photospheric Signatures of Coronal Hole Jets" [pdf]
K. Muglach & P.R. Young
Talk given at 14th European Solar Physics Meeting, Dublin, Ireland, September 2014.

Review articles

Dr Young was invited to contribute to a review of coronal jets, to be created by an ISSI International Team. Dr Young will oversee a review of spectroscopic observations of coronal jets. Below is a link to a list of papers giving spectroscopic jet results.

Papers on coronal jets with a spectroscopic component

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