IHOP 266 - small-scale reconnection in coronal hole plumes

HOP description.

For this IHOP I'm using EIS in sit-and-stare mode to search for activity at the base of plumes that may be due to small-scale reconnection. IRIS performs a a 16-step raster at the same location.

These observations mostly use the study "Cool_loop_stare". For more information, see Cool loop studies.

16-Sep-2014 - small jet observation
20-Sep-2014 - equatorial coronal hole (2 plumes)
22-Sep-2014 - equatorial coronal hole (coronal hole bright point)
24-Sep-2014 - equatorial coronal hole
28-Sep-2014 - north coronal hole
29-Sep-2014 - south coronal hole
10-Jan-2015 - equatorial plume
17-Nov-2015 - equatorial coronal hole
19-Mar-2016 - equatorial coronal hole
24-Mar-2016 - equatorial coronal hole
21-Apr-2016 - equatorial coronal hole
6-May-2016 - old active region plume near disk center
15-Sep-2016 - old active region plume near disk center
13-16 March 2018 - plumes in a low-latitude coronal hole

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