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  1. Transient Inverse-FIP Plasma Composition Evolution within a Solar Flare [16]
    Baker, Deborah, van Driel-Gesztelyi, Lidia, Brooks, David H., Valori, Gherardo, James, Alexander W., Laming, J. Martin, Long, David M., Démoulin, Pascal, Green, Lucie M., Matthews, Sarah A., Oláh, Katalin & Kővári, Zsolt, ApJ, 875, 35
  2. Properties of the Diffuse Emission around Warm Loops in Solar Active Regions [6]
    Brooks, David H., ApJ, 873, 26
  3. Investigations of a supra-arcade fan and termination shock above the top of the flare-loop system of the 2017 September 10 event [10]
    Cai, Qiangwei, Shen, Chengcai, Raymond, John C., Mei, Zhixing, Warmuth, Alexander, Roussev, Ilia I. & Lin, Jun, MNRAS, 489, 3183
  4. Multi-component Decomposition of Astronomical Spectra by Compressed Sensing [9]
    Cheung, Mark C. M., De Pontieu, Bart, Martínez-Sykora, Juan, Testa, Paola, Winebarger, Amy R., Daw, Adrian, Hansteen, Viggo, Antolin, Patrick, Tarbell, Theodore D., Wuelser, Jean-Pierre, Young, Peter & MUSE Team, ApJ, 882, 13
  5. Slitless Solar Imaging Spectroscopy [0]
    Davila, Joseph M., Oktem, Figen S. & Kamalabadi, Farzad, ApJ, 883, 7
  6. Hinode EIS line widths in the quiet corona up to 1.5 R [8]
    Del Zanna, G., Gupta, G. R. & Mason, H. E., A&A, 631, A163
  7. The Variability of Solar Coronal Abundances in Active Regions and the Quiet Sun [6]
    Doschek, G. A. & Warren, H. P., ApJ, 884, 158
  8. Exploring the damping of Alfvén waves along a long off-limb coronal loop, up to 1.4 R [6]
    Gupta, G. R., Del Zanna, G. & Mason, H. E., A&A, 627, A62
  9. Nonthermal Motions in a Polar Coronal Hole Measured with Hinode/EIS during an on-Orbit Partial Solar Eclipse on 2017 August 21 [4]
    Hara, Hirohisa, ApJ, 887, 122
  10. Velocity Structure and Temperature Dependence of an Extreme-Ultraviolet Jet Observed by Hinode [1]
    Kawai, T., Kanda, N. & Imada, S., Solar Physics, 294, 74
  11. Spectroscopic Constraints on the Cross-sectional Asymmetry and Expansion of Active Region Loops [7]
    Kucera, T. A., Young, P. R., Klimchuk, J. A. & DeForest, C. E., ApJ, 885, 7
  12. Active Region Modulation of Coronal Hole Solar Wind [5]
    Macneil, Allan R., Owen, Christopher J., Baker, Deborah, Brooks, David H., Harra, Louise K., Long, David M. & Wicks, Robert T., ApJ, 887, 146
  13. Coronal Plasma Characterization via Coordinated Infrared and Extreme Ultraviolet Observations of a Total Solar Eclipse [9]
    Madsen, Chad A., Samra, Jenna E., Del Zanna, Giulio & DeLuca, Edward E., ApJ, 880, 102
  14. Solar microflares: a case study on temperatures and the Fe XVIII emission [7]
    Mitra-Kraev, U. & Del Zanna, G., A&A, 628, A134
  15. Comprehensive Determination of the Hinode/EIS Roll Angle [2]
    Pelouze, Gabriel, Auchère, Frédéric, Bocchialini, Karine, Harra, Louise, Baker, Deborah, Warren, Harry P., Brooks, David H. & Mariska, John T., Solar Physics, 294, 59
  16. A Two-sided Loop X-Ray Solar Coronal Jet Driven by a Minifilament Eruption [13]
    Sterling, Alphonse C., Harra, Louise K., Moore, Ronald L. & Falconer, David A., ApJ, 871, 220
  17. SPECTRUM: Synthetic Spectral Calculations for Global Space Plasma Modeling [5]
    Szente, J., Landi, E., Manchester, W. B., IV, Toth, G., van der Holst, B. & Gombosi, T. I., ApJS, 242, 1
  18. Spectroscopy and Differential Emission Measure Diagnostics of a Coronal Dimming Associated with a Fast Halo CME [18]
    Veronig, Astrid M., Gömöry, Peter, Dissauer, Karin, Temmer, Manuela & Vanninathan, Kamalam, ApJ, 879, 85
  19. Measuring relative abundances in the solar corona with optimised linear combinations of spectral lines [2]
    Zambrana Prado, Natalia & Buchlin, Éric, A&A, 632, A20

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