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Refereed Journal Articles

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  1. Coronal Elemental Abundances in Solar Emerging Flux Regions [15]
    Baker, Deborah, Brooks, David H., van Driel-Gesztelyi, Lidia, James, Alexander W., Démoulin, Pascal, Long, David M., Warren, Harry P. & Williams, David R., ApJ, 856, 71
  2. A Diagnostic of Coronal Elemental Behavior during the Inverse FIP Effect in Solar Flares [3]
    Brooks, David H., ApJ, 863, 140
  3. Observations of Turbulent Magnetic Reconnection within a Solar Current Sheet [69]
    Cheng, X., Li, Y., Wan, L. F., Ding, M. D., Chen, P. F., Zhang, J. & Liu, J. J., ApJ, 866, 64
  4. Predicting the COSIE-C Signal from the Outer Corona up to 3 Solar Radii [11]
    Del Zanna, Giulio, Raymond, John, Andretta, Vincenzo, Telloni, Daniele & Golub, Leon, ApJ, 865, 132
  5. Photospheric and Coronal Abundances in an X8.3 Class Limb Flare [11]
    Doschek, G. A., Warren, H. P., Harra, L. K., Culhane, J. L., Watanabe, T. & Hara, H., ApJ, 853, 178
  6. Observation and Modeling of Chromospheric Evaporation in a Coronal Loop Related to Active Region Transient Brightening [14]
    Gupta, G. R., Sarkar, Aveek & Tripathi, Durgesh, ApJ, 857, 137
  7. Magnetic Loops above a Small Flux-emerging Region Observed by IRIS, Hinode, and SDO [10]
    Huang, Zhenghua, ApJ, 869, 175
  8. Spectroscopic Measurements of the Ion Velocity Distribution at the Base of the Fast Solar Wind [6]
    Jeffrey, Natasha L. S., Hahn, Michael, Savin, Daniel W. & Fletcher, Lyndsay, ApJ, 855, L13
  9. Probing the Quiet Solar Atmosphere from the Photosphere to the Corona [5]
    Kontogiannis, Ioannis, Gontikakis, Costis, Tsiropoula, Georgia & Tziotziou, Kostas, Solar Physics, 293, 56
  10. Spectroscopic Observations of a Current Sheet in a Solar Flare [40]
    Li, Y., Xue, J. C., Ding, M. D., Cheng, X., Su, Y., Feng, L., Hong, J., Li, H. & Gan, W. Q., ApJ, 853, L15
  11. Plasma Evolution within an Erupting Coronal Cavity [23]
    Long, David M., Harra, Louise K., Matthews, Sarah A., Warren, Harry P., Lee, Kyoung-Sun, Doschek, George A., Hara, Hirohisa & Jenkins, Jack M., ApJ, 855, 74
  12. On the Performance of Multi-Instrument Solar Flare Observations During Solar Cycle 24 [6]
    Milligan, Ryan O. & Ireland, Jack, Solar Physics, 293, 18
  13. Flare-related Recurring Active Region Jets: Evidence for Very Hot Plasma [4]
    Mulay, Sargam M., Matthews, Sarah, Hasegawa, Takahiro, Del Zanna, Giulio, Mason, Helen & Shimizu, Toshifumi, Solar Physics, 293, 160
  14. Broad Non-Gaussian Fe XXIV Line Profiles in the Impulsive Phase of the 2017 September 10 X8.3-class Flare Observed by Hinode/EIS [33]
    Polito, Vanessa, Dudík, Jaroslav, Kašparová, Jana, Dzifčáková, Elena, Reeves, Katharine K., Testa, Paola & Chen, Bin, ApJ, 864, 63
  15. Spectroscopic Observations of Current Sheet Formation and Evolution [82]
    Warren, Harry P., Brooks, David H., Ugarte-Urra, Ignacio, Reep, Jeffrey W., Crump, Nicholas A. & Doschek, George A., ApJ, 854, 122
  16. EUV Emission and Scattered Light Diagnostics of Equatorial Coronal Holes as Seen by Hinode/EIS [11]
    Wendeln, Carolyn & Landi, Enrico, ApJ, 856, 28
  17. The Triggering of the 2014 March 29 Filament Eruption [13]
    Woods, Magnus M., Inoue, Satoshi, Harra, Louise K., Matthews, Sarah A., Kusano, Kanya & Kalmoni, Nadine M. E., ApJ, 860, 163
  18. Incorporating Uncertainties in Atomic Data into the Analysis of Solar and Stellar Observations: A Case Study in Fe XIII [16]
    Yu, Xixi, Del Zanna, Giulio, Stenning, David C., Cisewski-Kehe, Jessi, Kashyap, Vinay L., Stein, Nathan, van Dyk, David A., Warren, Harry P. & Weber, Mark A., ApJ, 866, 146

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