EIS Publications in 2015

Refereed Journal Articles

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  1. Modeling of Hot Plasma in the Solar Active Region Core [7]
    Asgari-Targhi, M., Schmelz, J. T., Imada, S., Pathak, S. & Christian, G. M., ApJ, 807, 146
  2. FIP Bias Evolution in a Decaying Active Region [25]
    Baker, D., Brooks, D. H., Démoulin, P., Yardley, S. L., van Driel-Gesztelyi, L., Long, D. M. & Green, L. M., ApJ, 802, 104
  3. Full-Sun observations for identifying the source of the slow solar wind [81]
    Brooks, David H., Ugarte-Urra, Ignacio & Warren, Harry P., Nature Communications, 6, 5947
  4. Hα and EUV Observations of a Partial CME [2]
    Christian, Damian J., Jess, David B., Antolin, Patrick & Mathioudakis, Mihalis, ApJ, 804, 147
  5. The evolution of the emission measure distribution in the core of an active region [23]
    Del Zanna, Giulio, Tripathi, Durgesh, Mason, Helen, Subramanian, Srividya & O'Dwyer, Brendan, A&A, 573, A104
  6. Some results from the exploration of the solar atmosphere with high-resolution x-ray-EUV spectroscopy at the Naval Research Laboratory [0]
    Doschek, G. A., Applied Optics, 54, F50
  7. Anomalous Relative Ar/Ca Coronal Abundances Observed by the Hinode/EUV Imaging Spectrometer Near Sunspots [32]
    Doschek, G. A., Warren, H. P. & Feldman, U., ApJ, 808, L7
  8. Flare Footpoint Regions and a Surge Observed by Hinode/EIS, RHESSI, and SDO/AIA [9]
    Doschek, G. A., Warren, H. P., Dennis, B. R., Reep, J. W. & Caspi, A., ApJ, 813, 32
  9. Imaging and Spectroscopic Observations of a Transient Coronal Loop: Evidence for the Non-Maxwellian K Distributions [25]
    Dudík, Jaroslav, Mackovjak, Šimon, Dzifčáková, Elena, Del Zanna, Giulio, Williams, David R., Karlický, Marian, Mason, Helen E., Lörinčík, Juraj, Kotrč, Pavel, Fárník, František & Zemanová, Alena, ApJ, 807, 123
  10. On Extreme-ultraviolet Helium Line Intensity Enhancement Factors on the Sun [11]
    Giunta, A. S., Fludra, A., Lanzafame, A. C., O'Mullane, M. G., Summers, H. P. & Curdt, W., ApJ, 803, 66
  11. Determining energy balance in the flaring chromosphere from oxygen V line ratios [7]
    Graham, D. R., Fletcher, L. & Labrosse, N., A&A, 584, A6
  12. Relative Abundance Measurements in Plumes and Interplumes [7]
    Guennou, C., Hahn, M. & Savin, D. W., ApJ, 807, 145
  13. Spectroscopic Observations of a Coronal Loop: Basic Physical Plasma Parameters Along the Full Loop Length [18]
    Gupta, G. R., Tripathi, Durgesh & Mason, Helen E., ApJ, 800, 140
  14. A Study of the Coronal Non-thermal Velocity in Polar Regions During the Rise from Solar Minimum to Solar Maximum in Cycle 24 [3]
    Harra, L., Baker, D., Edwards, S. J., Hara, H., Howe, R. & van Driel-Gesztelyi, L., Solar Physics, 290, 3203
  15. Observation and numerical modeling of chromospheric evaporation during the impulsive phase of a solar flare [17]
    Imada, Shinsuke, Murakami, Izumi & Watanabe, Tetsuya, Physics of Plasmas, 22, 101206
  16. Spectroscopic observations and modelling of impulsive Alfvén waves along a polar coronal jet [13]
    Jelínek, P., Srivastava, A. K., Murawski, K., Kayshap, P. & Dwivedi, B. N., A&A, 581, A131
  17. Diagnostics of a Coronal Hole and the Adjacent Quiet Sun by The Hinode/EUV Imaging Spectrometer (EIS) [14]
    Kayshap, P., Banerjee, D. & Srivastava, A. K., Solar Physics, 290, 2889
  18. Electron Density of Active Region Outflows Measured by the EUV Imaging Spectrometer on board Hinode [4]
    Kitagawa, N. & Yokoyama, T., ApJ, 805, 97
  19. The Fast Filament Eruption Leading to the X-flare on 2014 March 29 [50]
    Kleint, Lucia, Battaglia, Marina, Reardon, Kevin, Sainz Dalda, Alberto, Young, Peter R. & Krucker, Säm, ApJ, 806, 9
  20. Photospheric Abundances of Polar Jets on the Sun Observed by Hinode [9]
    Lee, Kyoung-Sun, Brooks, David H. & Imada, Shinsuke, ApJ, 809, 114
  21. A solar tornado observed by EIS. Plasma diagnostics [21]
    Levens, P. J., Labrosse, N., Fletcher, L. & Schmieder, B., A&A, 582, A27
  22. Observations and Modeling of Solar Flare Atmospheric Dynamics [2]
    Li, Y., Acta Astronomica Sinica, 56, 528
  23. Chromospheric Evaporation in an X1.0 Flare on 2014 March 29 Observed with IRIS and EIS [45]
    Li, Y., Ding, M. D., Qiu, J. & Cheng, J. X., ApJ, 811, 7
  24. The Energetics of a Global Shock Wave in the Low Solar Corona [14]
    Long, David M., Baker, Deborah, Williams, David R., Carley, Eoin P., Gallagher, Peter T. & Zucca, Pietro, ApJ, 799, 224
  25. Propagating disturbances along fan-like coronal loops in an active region [5]
    Mandal, Sudip, Samanta, Tanmoy, Banerjee, Dipankar, Krishna Prasad, S. & Teriaca, Luca, Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics, 15, 1832
  26. Parallel Evolution of Quasi-separatrix Layers and Active Region Upflows [27]
    Mandrini, C. H., Baker, D., Démoulin, P., Cristiani, G. D., van Driel-Gesztelyi, L., Vargas Domínguez, S., Nuevo, F. A., Vásquez, A. M. & Pick, M., ApJ, 809, 73
  27. Spectroscopic Signatures Related to a Sunquake [18]
    Matthews, S. A., Harra, L. K., Zharkov, S. & Green, L. M., ApJ, 812, 35
  28. Extreme Ultra-Violet Spectroscopy of the Lower Solar Atmosphere During Solar Flares (Invited Review) [36]
    Milligan, Ryan O., Solar Physics, 290, 3399
  29. A Steady-state Picture of Solar Wind Acceleration and Charge State Composition Derived from a Global Wave-driven MHD Model [36]
    Oran, R., Landi, E., van der Holst, B., Lepri, S. T., Vásquez, A. M., Nuevo, F. A., Frazin, R., Manchester, W., Sokolov, I. & Gombosi, T. I., ApJ, 806, 55
  30. Spectroradiometry with space telescopes [3]
    Pauluhn, Anuschka, Huber, Martin C. E., Smith, Peter L. & Colina, Luis, Astronomy and Astrophysics Review, 24, 3
  31. Joint High Temperature Observation of a Small C6.5 Solar Flare With Iris/Eis/Aia [46]
    Polito, V., Reeves, K. K., Del Zanna, G., Golub, L. & Mason, H. E., ApJ, 803, 84
  32. Physics of outflows near solar active regions [3]
    Price, D. J. & Taroyan, Y., Annales Geophysicae, 33, 25
  33. Atmospheric Response of an Active Region to New Small Flux Emergence [4]
    Shelton, D., Harra, L. & Green, L., Solar Physics, 290, 753
  34. Direct observation of the energy release site in a solar flare by SDO/AIA, Hinode/EIS, and RHESSI [12]
    Simões, P. J. A., Graham, D. R. & Fletcher, L., A&A, 577, A68
  35. Identification of coronal sources of the solar wind from solar images in the EUV spectral range [3]
    Slemzin, V. A. & Shugai, Yu. S., Cosmic Research, 53, 47
  36. Active region upflows. I. Multi-instrument observations [8]
    Vanninathan, K., Madjarska, M. S., Galsgaard, K., Huang, Z. & Doyle, J. G., A&A, 584, A38
  37. Dark Jets in Solar Coronal Holes [16]
    Young, Peter R., ApJ, 801, 124

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