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Refereed Journal Articles

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  1. Comparison of Extreme Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer Observations of Solar Coronal Loops with Alfvén Wave Turbulence Models [29]
    Asgari-Targhi, M., van Ballegooijen, A. A. & Imada, S., ApJ, 786, 28
  2. Photometric and Thermal Cross-calibration of Solar EUV Instruments [70]
    Boerner, P. F., Testa, P., Warren, H., Weber, M. A. & Schrijver, C. J., Solar Physics, 289, 2377
  3. Coronal loops above an active region: Observation versus model [11]
    Bourdin, Philippe-A., Bingert, Sven & Peter, Hardi, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, 66, S7
  4. Characteristics of polar coronal hole jets [18]
    Chandrashekhar, K., Bemporad, A., Banerjee, D., Gupta, G. R. & Teriaca, L., A&A, 561, A104
  5. Imaging and Spectroscopic Observations of a Filament Channel and the Implications for the Nature of Counter-streamings [62]
    Chen, P. F., Harra, L. K. & Fang, C., ApJ, 784, 50
  6. Tracking Solar Active Region Outflow Plasma from Its Source to the Near-Earth Environment [36]
    Culhane, J. L., Brooks, D. H., van Driel-Gesztelyi, L., Démoulin, P., Baker, D., DeRosa, M. L., Mandrini, C. H., Zhao, L. & Zurbuchen, T. H., Solar Physics, 289, 3799
  7. Atomic data for astrophysics: improved collision strengths for Fe viii [16]
    Del Zanna, G. & Badnell, N. R., A&A, 570, A56
  8. Atomic data for astrophysics: Fe IX [21]
    Del Zanna, G., Storey, P. J., Badnell, N. R. & Mason, H. E., A&A, 565, A77
  9. Plasma Dynamics Above Solar Flare Soft X-Ray Loop Tops [29]
    Doschek, G. A., McKenzie, D. E. & Warren, H. P., ApJ, 788, 26
  10. Possible signature of Alfvén wave dissipation in the localized magnetic funnels of the equatorial solar corona [1]
    Dwivedi, Bhola N., Srivastava, Abhishek Kumar & Mohan, Anita, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, 66, S13
  11. Far- and Extreme-UV Solar Spectral Irradiance and Radiance from Simplified Atmospheric Physical Models [33]
    Fontenla, J. M., Landi, E., Snow, M. & Woods, T., Solar Physics, 289, 515
  12. Measurements of Outflow Velocities in on-disk Plumes from EIS/Hinode Observations [15]
    Fu, Hui, Xia, Lidong, Li, Bo, Huang, Zhenghua, Jiao, Fangran & Mou, Chaozhou, ApJ, 794, 109
  13. Study of Extreme-ultraviolet Emission and Properties of a Coronal Streamer from PROBA2/SWAP, Hinode/EIS and Mauna Loa Mk4 Observations [18]
    Goryaev, F., Slemzin, V., Vainshtein, L. & Williams, David R., ApJ, 781, 100
  14. Evidence for Wave Heating of the Quiet-Sun Corona [35]
    Hahn, M. & Savin, D. W., ApJ, 795, 111
  15. Coronal behavior before the large flare onset [13]
    Imada, Shinsuke, Bamba, Yumi & Kusano, Kanya, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, 66, S17
  16. Constraining hot plasma in a non-flaring solar active region with FOXSI hard X-ray observations [24]
    Ishikawa, Shin-nosuke, Glesener, Lindsay, Christe, Steven, Ishibashi, Kazunori, Brooks, David H., Williams, David R., Shimojo, Masumi, Sako, Nobuharu & Krucker, Säm, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, 66, S15
  17. The Temperature of Quiescent Streamers during Solar Cycles 23 and 24 [8]
    Landi, E. & Testa, P., ApJ, 787, 33
  18. Spectroscopic Study of a Dark Lane and a Cool Loop in a Solar Limb Active Region by Hinode/EIS [3]
    Lee, Kyoung-Sun, Imada, S., Moon, Y. -J. & Lee, Jin-Yi, ApJ, 780, 177
  19. Heating and Dynamics of Two Flare Loop Systems Observed by AIA and EIS [12]
    Li, Y., Qiu, J. & Ding, M. D., ApJ, 781, 120
  20. Differential emission measure analysis of active region cores and quiet Sun for the non-Maxwellian κ-distributions [19]
    Mackovjak, Š., Dzifčáková, E. & Dudík, J., A&A, 564, A130
  21. Validation of Spectroscopic Model for Fe Ions in Non-Equilibrium Ionization Plasma in LHD and Hinode [5]
    Murakami, Izumi, Watanabe, Tetsuya, Suzuki, Chihiro, Morita, Shigeru, Dong, Chunfeng, Tamura, Naoki, Yamamoto, Norimasa, Kato, Daiji, Sakaue, Hiroyuki A., Hara, Hirohisa, Nakamura, Nobuyuki & Sudo, Shigeru, Plasma and Fusion Research, 9, 1401056-1401056
  22. Coronal-Temperature-Diagnostic Capability of the Hinode/ X-Ray Telescope Based on Self-consistent Calibration. II. Calibration with On-Orbit Data [25]
    Narukage, N., Sakao, T., Kano, R., Shimojo, M., Winebarger, A., Weber, M. & Reeves, K. K., Solar Physics, 289, 1029
  23. Response of Hinode XRT to quiet Sun, active region and flare plasma [10]
    O'Dwyer, B., Del Zanna, G. & Mason, H. E., A&A, 561, A20
  24. Comparative Analysis of a Transition Region Bright Point with a Blinker and Coronal Bright Point Using Multiple EIS Emission Lines [7]
    Orange, N. Brice, Oluseyi, Hakeem M., Chesny, David L., Patel, Maulik, Hesterly, Katie, Preuss, Lauren, Neira, Chantale & Turner, Niescja E., Solar Physics, 289, 1557
  25. Solar Prominences: Observations [150]
    Parenti, Susanna, Living Reviews in Solar Physics, 11, 1
  26. Core and Wing Densities of Asymmetric Coronal Spectral Profiles: Implications for the Mass Supply of the Solar Corona [16]
    Patsourakos, S., Klimchuk, J. A. & Young, P. R., ApJ, 781, 58
  27. Thermal structure of a hot non-flaring corona from Hinode/EIS [15]
    Petralia, A., Reale, F., Testa, P. & Del Zanna, G., A&A, 564, A3
  28. Hot Topic, Warm Loops, Cooling Plasma? Multithermal Analysis of Active Region Loops [15]
    Schmelz, J. T., Pathak, S., Brooks, D. H., Christian, G. M. & Dhaliwal, R. S., ApJ, 795, 171
  29. On Thermal-Pulse-Driven Plasma Flows in Coronal Funnels as Observed by the Hinode/ EUV Imaging Spectrometer (EIS) [7]
    Srivastava, A. K., Konkol, P., Murawski, K., Dwivedi, B. N. & Mohan, A., Solar Physics, 289, 4501
  30. Solar Magnetized Tornadoes: Rotational Motion in a Tornado-like Prominence [44]
    Su, Yang, Gömöry, Peter, Veronig, Astrid, Temmer, Manuela, Wang, Tongjiang, Vanninathan, Kamalam, Gan, Weiqun & Li, YouPing, ApJ, 785, L2
  31. Emission Measure Distribution for Diffuse Regions in Solar Active Regions [13]
    Subramanian, Srividya, Tripathi, Durgesh, Klimchuk, James A. & Mason, Helen E., ApJ, 795, 76
  32. Forward-Modeling of Doppler Shifts in EUV Spectral Lines [8]
    Taroyan, Y. & Bradshaw, S. J., Solar Physics, 289, 1959
  33. Determining Heating Timescales in Solar Active Region Cores from AIA/SDO Fe XVIII Images [30]
    Ugarte-Urra, Ignacio & Warren, Harry P., ApJ, 783, 12
  34. The Absolute Calibration of the EUV Imaging Spectrometer on Hinode [50]
    Warren, Harry P., Ugarte-Urra, Ignacio & Landi, Enrico, ApJS, 213, 11
  35. Solar Dynamics Observatory and Hinode Observations of a Blowout Jet in a Coronal Hole [65]
    Young, P. R. & Muglach, K., Solar Physics, 289, 3313
  36. A coronal hole jet observed with Hinode and the Solar Dynamics Observatory [39]
    Young, Peter R. & Muglach, Karin, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, 66, S12
  37. Polar and Equatorial Coronal Hole Winds at Solar Minima: From the Heliosphere to the Inner Corona [9]
    Zhao, L. & Landi, E., ApJ, 781, 110

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