EIS Publications in 2011

Refereed Journal Articles

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  1. Hinode observations and 3D magnetic structure of an X-ray bright point [19]
    Alexander, C. E., Del Zanna, G. & Maclean, R. C., A&A, 526, A134
  2. Propagating MHD Waves in Coronal Holes [57]
    Banerjee, D., Gupta, G. R. & Teriaca, L., Space Science Reviews, 158, 267
  3. Establishing a Connection Between Active Region Outflows and the Solar Wind: Abundance Measurements with EIS/Hinode [98]
    Brooks, David H. & Warren, Harry P., ApJ, 727, L13
  4. EUV Spectral Line Formation and the Temperature Structure of Active Region Fan Loops: Observations with Hinode/EIS and SDO/AIA [32]
    Brooks, David H., Warren, Harry P. & Young, Peter R., ApJ, 730, 85
  5. Spectroscopic Analysis of Interaction between an Extreme-ultraviolet Imaging Telescope Wave and a Coronal Upflow Region [19]
    Chen, F., Ding, M. D., Chen, P. F. & Harra, L. K., ApJ, 740, 116
  6. The quiet Sun average Doppler shift of coronal lines up to 2 MK [29]
    Dadashi, N., Teriaca, L. & Solanki, S. K., A&A, 534, A90
  7. The Origins of Hot Plasma in the Solar Corona [297]
    De Pontieu, B., McIntosh, S. W., Carlsson, M., Hansteen, V. H., Tarbell, T. D., Boerner, P., Martinez-Sykora, J., Schrijver, C. J. & Title, A. M., Science, 331, 55
  8. A single picture for solar coronal outflows and radio noise storms [78]
    Del Zanna, G., Aulanier, G., Klein, K. -L. & Török, T., A&A, 526, A137
  9. The 22 May 2007 B-class flare: new insights from Hinode observations [46]
    Del Zanna, G., Mitra-Kraev, U., Bradshaw, S. J., Mason, H. E. & Asai, A., A&A, 526, A1
  10. SDO AIA and Hinode EIS observations of "warm" loops [110]
    Del Zanna, G., O'Dwyer, B. & Mason, H. E., A&A, 535, A46
  11. On the Nature of the Spectral Line Broadening in Solar Coronal Dimmings [15]
    Dolla, L. R. & Zhukov, A. N., ApJ, 730, 113
  12. Hinode/EIS plasma diagnostics in the flaring solar chromosphere [33]
    Graham, D. R., Fletcher, L. & Hannah, I. G., A&A, 532, A27
  13. Photospheric flux cancellation and associated flux rope formation and eruption [158]
    Green, L. M., Kliem, B. & Wallace, A. J., A&A, 526, A2
  14. Differential Emission Measure Analysis of a Polar Coronal Hole during the Solar Minimum in 2007 [22]
    Hahn, M., Landi, E. & Savin, D. W., ApJ, 736, 101
  15. Plasma Motions and Heating by Magnetic Reconnection in a 2007 May 19 Flare [74]
    Hara, Hirohisa, Watanabe, Tetsuya, Harra, Louise K., Culhane, J. Leonard & Young, Peter R., ApJ, 741, 107
  16. Determining the Solar Source of a Magnetic Cloud Using a Velocity Difference Technique [12]
    Harra, L. K., Mandrini, C. H., Dasso, S., Gulisano, A. M., Steed, K. & Imada, S., Solar Physics, 268, 213
  17. Spectroscopic Observations of a Coronal Moreton Wave [38]
    Harra, Louise K., Sterling, Alphonse C., Gömöry, Peter & Veronig, Astrid, ApJ, 737, L4
  18. Nonlinear force-free field extrapolation of the coronal magnetic field using the data obtained by the Hinode satellite [16]
    He, Han, Wang, Huaning & Yan, Yihua, Journal of Geophysical Research (Space Physics), 116, A01101
  19. One-dimensional Modeling for Temperature-dependent Upflow in the Dimming Region Observed by Hinode/EUV Imaging Spectrometer [24]
    Imada, S., Hara, H., Watanabe, T., Murakami, I., Harra, L. K., Shimizu, T. & Zweibel, E. G., ApJ, 743, 57
  20. Evolution of microflares associated with bright points in coronal holes and in quiet regions [19]
    Kamio, S., Curdt, W., Teriaca, L. & Innes, D. E., A&A, 529, A21
  21. Continuous upflows and sporadic downflows observed in active regions [43]
    Kamio, S., Peter, H., Curdt, W. & Solanki, S. K., A&A, 532, A96
  22. EUV lines observed with EIS/Hinode in a solar prominence [22]
    Labrosse, N., Schmieder, B., Heinzel, P. & Watanabe, T., A&A, 531, A69
  23. Two Types of Extreme-ultraviolet Brightenings In AR 10926 Observed by Hinode/EIS [6]
    Lee, K. -S., Moon, Y. -J., Kim, Sujin, Choe, G. S., Cho, Kyung-Suk & Imada, S., ApJ, 736, 15
  24. Coronal Jets, Magnetic Topologies, and the Production of Interplanetary Electron Streams [6]
    Li, C., Matthews, S. A., van Driel-Gesztelyi, L., Sun, J. & Owen, C. J., ApJ, 735, 43
  25. Different Patterns of Chromospheric Evaporation in a Flaring Region Observed with Hinode/EIS [35]
    Li, Y. & Ding, M. D., ApJ, 727, 98
  26. Dynamics and plasma properties of an X-ray jet from SUMER, EIS, XRT, and EUVI A & B simultaneous observations [42]
    Madjarska, M. S., A&A, 526, A19
  27. Can coronal hole spicules reach coronal temperatures? [36]
    Madjarska, M. S., Vanninathan, K. & Doyle, J. G., A&A, 532, L1
  28. Observed Damping of the Slow Magnetoacoustic Mode [19]
    Marsh, M. S., De Moortel, I. & Walsh, R. W., ApJ, 734, 81
  29. What do Spectral Line Profile Asymmetries Tell us About the Solar Atmosphere? [42]
    Martínez-Sykora, Juan, De Pontieu, Bart, Hansteen, Viggo & McIntosh, Scott W., ApJ, 732, 84
  30. Coronal Dimmings and the Early Phase of a CME Observed with STEREO and Hinode/EIS [22]
    Miklenic, C., Veronig, A. M., Temmer, M., Möstl, C. & Biernat, H. K., Solar Physics, 273, 125
  31. Spatially Resolved Nonthermal Line Broadening during the Impulsive Phase of a Solar Flare [45]
    Milligan, Ryan O., ApJ, 740, 70
  32. Hard X-ray Source Distributions on EUV Bright Kernels in a Solar Flare [10]
    Ning, Zongjun & Cao, Wenda, Solar Physics, 269, 283
  33. Spectroscopic Observations of Continuous Outflows and Propagating Waves from NOAA 10942 with Extreme Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer/Hinode [41]
    Nishizuka, N. & Hara, H., ApJ, 737, L43
  34. Hinode extreme-ultraviolet imaging spectrometer observations of a limb active region [35]
    O'Dwyer, B., Del Zanna, G., Mason, H. E., Sterling, A. C., Tripathi, D. & Young, P. R., A&A, 525, A137
  35. Warm and Fuzzy: Temperature and Density Analysis of an Fe XV EUV Imaging Spectrometer Loop [18]
    Schmelz, J. T., Rightmire, L. A., Saar, S. H., Kimble, J. A., Worley, B. T. & Pathak, S., ApJ, 738, 146
  36. Forward Modeling Cavity Density: A Multi-instrument Diagnostic [27]
    Schmit, D. J. & Gibson, S. E., ApJ, 733, 1
  37. On the Anti-correlation between Spectral Line Broadening and Intensity in Coronal Structures Observed with EIS [8]
    Scott, J. T. & Martens, P. C. H., ApJ, 742, 101
  38. The Response of A Three-dimensional Solar Atmosphere to Wave-driven Jets [16]
    Scullion, E., Erdélyi, R., Fedun, V. & Doyle, J. G., ApJ, 743, 14
  39. Lateral Offset of the Coronal Mass Ejections from the X-flare of 2006 December 13 and Its Two Precursor Eruptions [17]
    Sterling, Alphonse C., Moore, Ronald L. & Harra, Louise K., ApJ, 743, 63
  40. Observational Signatures of Impulsively Heated Coronal Loops: Power-Law Distribution of Energies [7]
    Taroyan, Y., Erdélyi, R. & Bradshaw, S. J., Solar Physics, 269, 295
  41. Temperature Distribution of a Non-flaring Active Region from Simultaneous Hinode XRT and EIS Observations [52]
    Testa, Paola, Reale, Fabio, Landi, Enrico, DeLuca, Edward E. & Kashyap, Vinay, ApJ, 728, 30
  42. The Spectroscopic Signature of Quasi-periodic Upflows in Active Region Timeseries [88]
    Tian, Hui, McIntosh, Scott W. & De Pontieu, Bart, ApJ, 727, L37
  43. Two Components of the Solar Coronal Emission Revealed by Extreme-ultraviolet Spectroscopic Observations [91]
    Tian, Hui, McIntosh, Scott W., De Pontieu, Bart, Martínez-Sykora, Juan, Sechler, Marybeth & Wang, Xin, ApJ, 738, 18
  44. Observation of High-speed Outflow on Plume-like Structures of the Quiet Sun and Coronal Holes with Solar Dynamics Observatory/Atmospheric Imaging Assembly [71]
    Tian, Hui, McIntosh, Scott W., Habbal, Shadia Rifai & He, Jiansen, ApJ, 736, 130
  45. Emission Measure Distribution and Heating of Two Active Region Cores [67]
    Tripathi, Durgesh, Klimchuk, James A. & Mason, Helen E., ApJ, 740, 111
  46. Temporal Variability of Active Region Outflows [41]
    Ugarte-Urra, Ignacio & Warren, Harry P., ApJ, 730, 37
  47. The First Measurement of the Adiabatic Index in the Solar Corona Using Time-dependent Spectroscopy of Hinode/EIS Observations [87]
    Van Doorsselaere, Tom, Wardle, Nick, Del Zanna, Giulio, Jansari, Kishan, Verwichte, Erwin & Nakariakov, Valery M., ApJ, 727, L32
  48. Plasma Diagnostics of an EIT Wave Observed by Hinode/EIS and SDO/AIA [43]
    Veronig, A. M., Gömöry, P., Kienreich, I. W., Muhr, N., Vršnak, B., Temmer, M. & Warren, H. P., ApJ, 743, L10
  49. Underflight Calibration of SOHO/CDS and Hinode/EIS with EUNIS-07 [26]
    Wang, Tongjiang, Thomas, Roger J., Brosius, Jeffrey W., Young, Peter R., Rabin, Douglas M., Davila, Joseph M. & Del Zanna, Giulio, ApJS, 197, 32
  50. Constraints on the Heating of High-temperature Active Region Loops: Observations from Hinode and the Solar Dynamics Observatory [97]
    Warren, Harry P., Brooks, David H. & Winebarger, Amy R., ApJ, 734, 90
  51. The Temperature Dependence of Solar Active Region Outflows [61]
    Warren, Harry P., Ugarte-Urra, Ignacio, Young, Peter R. & Stenborg, Guillermo, ApJ, 727, 58
  52. Coronal Seismology Using EIT Waves: Estimation of the Coronal Magnetic Field Strength in the Quiet Sun [33]
    West, M. J., Zhukov, A. N., Dolla, L. & Rodriguez, L., ApJ, 730, 122
  53. Morphology, dynamics and plasma parameters of plumes and inter-plume regions in solar coronal holes [53]
    Wilhelm, K., Abbo, L., Auchère, F., Barbey, N., Feng, L., Gabriel, A. H., Giordano, S., Imada, S., Llebaria, A., Matthaeus, W. H., Poletto, G., Raouafi, N. -E., Suess, S. T., Teriaca, L. & Wang, Y. -M., Astronomy and Astrophysics Review, 19, 35
  54. Using a Differential Emission Measure and Density Measurements in an Active Region Core to Test a Steady Heating Model [98]
    Winebarger, Amy R., Schmelz, Joan T., Warren, Harry P., Saar, Steve H. & Kashyap, Vinay L., ApJ, 740, 2
  55. Observations of EUV and soft X-ray recurring jets in an active region [29]
    Yang, Li-Heng, Jiang, Yun-Chun, Yang, Jia-Yan, Bi, Yi, Zheng, Rui-Sheng & Hong, Jun-Chao, Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics, 11, 1229

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