EIS Publications in 2013

Conference Proceedings/Technical Reports

The number in square brackets after the paper title is the number of citations the paper has received according to the NASA ADS Abstracts service. The links take you through to the papers' listings at NASA ADS.

  1. Spectral Signatures of Transient Heating in the Solar Corona [0]
    Taroyan, Youra & Burrows, Keiran, Journal of Physics Conference Series, Journal of Physics Conference Series, 440, p. 012010
  2. Heating of active region cores: Impulsive or steady? [0]
    Tripathi, Durgesh, Astronomical Society of India Conference Series, Astronomical Society of India Conference Series, 10, p. 73
  3. SDO/AIA and Hinode/EIS observations of interaction between an EUV wave and active region loops [0]
    Yang, Liheng, Zhang, Jun, Li, Ting & Liu, Wei, Solar and Astrophysical Dynamos and Magnetic Activity (Editors: Kosovichev, Alexander G., de Gouveia Dal Pino, Elisabete & Yan, Yihua), 294, p. 567

Author-country information

This table shows the location of the first authors of the papers given above. The information is extracted from the affiliations of the authors stored in ADS. Of the 3 papers, 3 affiliations could be extracted.

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