Full list of EIS publicatons (keyword: plume)

Compiled from information held in the ADS abstracts service.

Total number of papers: 10


  1. Comparison of LOS Doppler Velocities and Non-thermal Line Widths in the Off-limb Solar Corona Measured Simultaneously by CoMP and Ninode/EIS [0]
    Lee, Jae-Ok, Lee, Kyoung-Sun, Seough, Jungjoon & Cho, Kyung-Suk, Journal of Korean Astronomical Society, 54, 49


  1. Inferring the Coronal Density Irregularity from EUV Spectra [3]
    Hahn, M. & Savin, D. W., ApJ, 829, 42


  1. Relative Abundance Measurements in Plumes and Interplumes [7]
    Guennou, C., Hahn, M. & Savin, D. W., ApJ, 807, 145


  1. Measurements of Outflow Velocities in on-disk Plumes from EIS/Hinode Observations [15]
    Fu, Hui, Xia, Lidong, Li, Bo, Huang, Zhenghua, Jiao, Fangran & Mou, Chaozhou, ApJ, 794, 109


  1. Coronal Cells [19]
    Sheeley, N. R., Jr. & Warren, H. P., ApJ, 749, 40


  1. Observation of High-speed Outflow on Plume-like Structures of the Quiet Sun and Coronal Holes with Solar Dynamics Observatory/Atmospheric Imaging Assembly [71]
    Tian, Hui, McIntosh, Scott W., Habbal, Shadia Rifai & He, Jiansen, ApJ, 736, 130
  2. Morphology, dynamics and plasma parameters of plumes and inter-plume regions in solar coronal holes [53]
    Wilhelm, K., Abbo, L., Auchère, F., Barbey, N., Feng, L., Gabriel, A. H., Giordano, S., Imada, S., Llebaria, A., Matthaeus, W. H., Poletto, G., Raouafi, N. -E., Suess, S. T., Teriaca, L. & Wang, Y. -M., Astronomy and Astrophysics Review, 19, 35


  1. Accelerating Waves in Polar Coronal Holes as Seen by EIS and SUMER [40]
    Gupta, G. R., Banerjee, D., Teriaca, L., Imada, S. & Solanki, S., ApJ, 718, 11


  1. Signatures of Alfvén waves in the polar coronal holes as seen by EIS/Hinode [83]
    Banerjee, D., Pérez-Suárez, D. & Doyle, J. G., A&A, 501, L15


  1. Multi-spacecraft observations of polar coronal plumes [22]
    Curdt, W., Wilhelm, K., Feng, L. & Kamio, S., A&A, 481, L61

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