Full list of EIS publicatons (keyword: loop)

Compiled from information held in the ADS abstracts service.

Total number of papers: 232


  1. Evolution of Plasma Composition in an Eruptive Flux Rope [0]
    Baker, D., Green, L. M., Brooks, D. H., Démoulin, P., van Driel-Gesztelyi, L., Mihailescu, T., To, A. S. H., Long, D. M., Yardley, S. L., Janvier, M. & Valori, G., ApJ, 924, 17
  2. AWSoM Magnetohydrodynamic Simulation of a Solar Active Region with Realistic Spectral Synthesis [0]
    Shi, Tong, Manchester, Ward, IV, Landi, Enrico, van der Holst, Bart, Szente, Judit, Chen, Yuxi, Tóth, Gábor, Bertello, Luca & Pevtsov, Alexander, ApJ, 928, 34
  3. Fast plasmoid-mediated reconnection in a solar flare [0]
    Yan, Xiaoli, Xue, Zhike, Jiang, Chaowei, Priest, E. R., Kliem, Bernhard, Yang, Liheng, Wang, Jincheng, Kong, Defang, Song, Yongliang, Feng, Xueshang & Liu, Zhong, Nature Communications, 13, 640


  1. Physical Characteristics of Unstructured Coronal Clouds [0]
    Asgari-Targhi, M., Golub, L., Hahn, M., Karna, N. & Savin, D. W., ApJ, 910, 113
  2. Plasma Upflows Induced by Magnetic Reconnection Above an Eruptive Flux Rope [1]
    Baker, Deborah, Mihailescu, Teodora, Démoulin, Pascal, Green, Lucie M., van Driel-Gesztelyi, Lidia, Valori, Gherardo, Brooks, David H., Long, David M. & Janvier, Miho, Solar Physics, 296, 103
  3. Alfvénic Perturbations in a Sunspot Chromosphere Linked to Fractionated Plasma in the Corona [7]
    Baker, Deborah, Stangalini, Marco, Valori, Gherardo, Brooks, David H., To, Andy S. H., van Driel-Gesztelyi, Lidia, Démoulin, Pascal, Stansby, David, Jess, David B. & Jafarzadeh, Shahin, ApJ, 907, 16
  4. Comparison of active region upflow and core properties using simultaneous spectroscopic observations from IRIS and Hinode [3]
    Barczynski, Krzysztof, Harra, Louise, Kleint, Lucia, Panos, Brandon & Brooks, David H., A&A, 651, A112
  5. Signature and escape of highly fractionated plasma in an active region [0]
    Brooks, David H. & Yardley, Stephanie L., MNRAS, 508, 1831
  6. The source of the major solar energetic particle events from super active region 11944 [10]
    Brooks, David H. & Yardley, Stephanie L., Science Advances, 7, eabf0068
  7. Measurements of Coronal Magnetic Field Strengths in Solar Active Region Loops [4]
    Brooks, David H., Warren, Harry P. & Landi, Enrico, ApJ, 915, L24
  8. Electron Densities in the Solar Corona Measured Simultaneously in the Extreme Ultraviolet and Infrared [1]
    Dudík, Jaroslav, Del Zanna, Giulio, Rybák, Ján, Lörinčík, Juraj, Dzifčáková, Elena, Mason, Helen E., Tomczyk, Steven & Galloy, Michael, ApJ, 906, 118
  9. Hinode/EIS Coronal Magnetic Field Measurements at the Onset of a C2 Flare [7]
    Landi, E., Li, W., Brage, T. & Hutton, R., ApJ, 913, 1
  10. Comparison of LOS Doppler Velocities and Non-thermal Line Widths in the Off-limb Solar Corona Measured Simultaneously by CoMP and Ninode/EIS [0]
    Lee, Jae-Ok, Lee, Kyoung-Sun, Seough, Jungjoon & Cho, Kyung-Suk, Journal of Korean Astronomical Society, 54, 49
  11. Stereoscopic measurements of coronal Doppler velocities [1]
    Podladchikova, O., Harra, L., Barczynski, K., Mandrini, C. H., Auchère, F., Berghmans, D., Buchlin, É., Dolla, L., Mierla, M., Parenti, S. & Rodriguez, L., A&A, 655, A57
  12. The Spatial and Temporal Variations of Turbulence in a Solar Flare [0]
    Stores, Morgan, Jeffrey, Natasha L. S. & Kontar, Eduard P., ApJ, 923, 40


  1. The Drivers of Active Region Outflows into the Slow Solar Wind [12]
    Brooks, David H., Winebarger, Amy R., Savage, Sabrina, Warren, Harry P., De Pontieu, Bart, Peter, Hardi, Cirtain, Jonathan W., Golub, Leon, Kobayashi, Ken, McIntosh, Scott W., McKenzie, David, Morton, Richard, Rachmeler, Laurel, Testa, Paola, Tiwari, Sanjiv & Walsh, Robert, ApJ, 894, 144
  2. Formation and dynamics of transequatorial loops [2]
    Ghosh, Avyarthana & Tripathi, Durgesh, A&A, 640, A3
  3. A Solar Magnetic-fan Flaring Arch Heated by Nonthermal Particles and Hot Plasma from an X-Ray Jet Eruption [2]
    Lee, Kyoung-Sun, Hara, Hirohisa, Watanabe, Kyoko, Joshi, Anand D., Brooks, David H., Imada, Shinsuke, Prasad, Avijeet, Dang, Phillip, Shimizu, Toshifumi, Savage, Sabrina L., Moore, Ronald, Panesar, Navdeep K. & Reep, Jeffrey W., ApJ, 895, 42
  4. Plasma Diagnostics from Active Region and Quiet-Sun Spectra Observed by Hinode/EIS: Quantifying the Departures from a Maxwellian Distribution [5]
    Lörinčík, Juraj, Dudík, Jaroslav, del Zanna, Giulio, Dzifčáková, Elena & Mason, Helen E., ApJ, 893, 34
  5. Spectroscopic detection of coronal plasma flows in loops undergoing thermal non-equilibrium cycles [7]
    Pelouze, Gabriel, Auchère, Frédéric, Bocchialini, Karine, Froment, Clara, Parenti, Susanna & Soubrié, Elie, A&A, 634, A54
  6. IRIS Observations of the Low-atmosphere Counterparts of Active Region Outflows [8]
    Polito, Vanessa, De Pontieu, Bart, Testa, Paola, Brooks, David H. & Hansteen, Viggo, ApJ, 903, 68
  7. Hot Plasma Flows and Oscillations in the Loop-top Region During the 2017 September 10 X8.2 Solar Flare [12]
    Reeves, Katharine K., Polito, Vanessa, Chen, Bin, Galan, Giselle, Yu, Sijie, Liu, Wei & Li, Gang, ApJ, 905, 165
  8. On the Coronal Temperature in Solar Microflares [6]
    Testa, Paola & Reale, Fabio, ApJ, 902, 31
  9. Observation and Modeling of High-temperature Solar Active Region Emission during the High-resolution Coronal Imager Flight of 2018 May 29 [4]
    Warren, Harry P., Reep, Jeffrey W., Crump, Nicholas A., Ugarte-Urra, Ignacio, Brooks, David H., Winebarger, Amy R., Savage, Sabrina, De Pontieu, Bart, Peter, Hardi, Cirtain, Jonathan W., Golub, Leon, Kobayashi, Ken, McKenzie, David, Morton, Richard, Rachmeler, Laurel, Testa, Paola, Tiwari, Sanjiv & Walsh, Robert, ApJ, 896, 51


  1. Transient Inverse-FIP Plasma Composition Evolution within a Solar Flare [16]
    Baker, Deborah, van Driel-Gesztelyi, Lidia, Brooks, David H., Valori, Gherardo, James, Alexander W., Laming, J. Martin, Long, David M., Démoulin, Pascal, Green, Lucie M., Matthews, Sarah A., Oláh, Katalin & Kővári, Zsolt, ApJ, 875, 35
  2. Properties of the Diffuse Emission around Warm Loops in Solar Active Regions [6]
    Brooks, David H., ApJ, 873, 26
  3. Investigations of a supra-arcade fan and termination shock above the top of the flare-loop system of the 2017 September 10 event [10]
    Cai, Qiangwei, Shen, Chengcai, Raymond, John C., Mei, Zhixing, Warmuth, Alexander, Roussev, Ilia I. & Lin, Jun, MNRAS, 489, 3183
  4. The Variability of Solar Coronal Abundances in Active Regions and the Quiet Sun [6]
    Doschek, G. A. & Warren, H. P., ApJ, 884, 158
  5. Exploring the damping of Alfvén waves along a long off-limb coronal loop, up to 1.4 R [6]
    Gupta, G. R., Del Zanna, G. & Mason, H. E., A&A, 627, A62
  6. Spectroscopic Constraints on the Cross-sectional Asymmetry and Expansion of Active Region Loops [7]
    Kucera, T. A., Young, P. R., Klimchuk, J. A. & DeForest, C. E., ApJ, 885, 7
  7. A Two-sided Loop X-Ray Solar Coronal Jet Driven by a Minifilament Eruption [13]
    Sterling, Alphonse C., Harra, Louise K., Moore, Ronald L. & Falconer, David A., ApJ, 871, 220


  1. A Diagnostic of Coronal Elemental Behavior during the Inverse FIP Effect in Solar Flares [3]
    Brooks, David H., ApJ, 863, 140
  2. Photospheric and Coronal Abundances in an X8.3 Class Limb Flare [11]
    Doschek, G. A., Warren, H. P., Harra, L. K., Culhane, J. L., Watanabe, T. & Hara, H., ApJ, 853, 178
  3. Observation and Modeling of Chromospheric Evaporation in a Coronal Loop Related to Active Region Transient Brightening [14]
    Gupta, G. R., Sarkar, Aveek & Tripathi, Durgesh, ApJ, 857, 137
  4. Magnetic Loops above a Small Flux-emerging Region Observed by IRIS, Hinode, and SDO [10]
    Huang, Zhenghua, ApJ, 869, 175
  5. Probing the Quiet Solar Atmosphere from the Photosphere to the Corona [5]
    Kontogiannis, Ioannis, Gontikakis, Costis, Tsiropoula, Georgia & Tziotziou, Kostas, Solar Physics, 293, 56
  6. Broad Non-Gaussian Fe XXIV Line Profiles in the Impulsive Phase of the 2017 September 10 X8.3-class Flare Observed by Hinode/EIS [33]
    Polito, Vanessa, Dudík, Jaroslav, Kašparová, Jana, Dzifčáková, Elena, Reeves, Katharine K., Testa, Paola & Chen, Bin, ApJ, 864, 63
  7. Spectroscopic Observations of Current Sheet Formation and Evolution [82]
    Warren, Harry P., Brooks, David H., Ugarte-Urra, Ignacio, Reep, Jeffrey W., Crump, Nicholas A. & Doschek, George A., ApJ, 854, 122


  1. Apparent and Intrinsic Evolution of Active Region Upflows [10]
    Baker, Deborah, Janvier, Miho, Démoulin, Pascal & Mandrini, Cristina H., Solar Physics, 292, 46
  2. Study on Precursor Activity of the X1.6 Flare in the Great AR 12192 with SDO, IRIS, and Hinode [19]
    Bamba, Yumi, Lee, Kyoung-Sun, Imada, Shinsuke & Kusano, Kanya, ApJ, 840, 116
  3. Fan Loops Observed by IRIS, EIS, and AIA [10]
    Ghosh, Avyarthana, Tripathi, Durgesh, Gupta, G. R., Polito, Vanessa, Mason, Helen E. & Solanki, Sami K., ApJ, 835, 244
  4. Multi-instrument observations of a failed flare eruption associated with MHD waves in a loop bundle [21]
    Nisticò, G., Polito, V., Nakariakov, V. M. & Del Zanna, G., A&A, 600, A37
  5. Observational Signatures of a Kink-unstable Coronal Flux Rope Using Hinode/EIS [8]
    Snow, B., Botha, G. J. J., Régnier, S., Morton, R. J., Verwichte, E. & Young, P. R., ApJ, 842, 16
  6. Observations of Reconnection Flows in a Flare on the Solar Disk [9]
    Wang, Juntao, Simões, P. J. A., Jeffrey, N. L. S., Fletcher, L., Wright, P. J. & Hannah, I. G., ApJ, 847, L1
  7. The Plasma Parameters and Geometry of Cool and Warm Active Region Loops [25]
    Xie, Haixia, Madjarska, Maria S., Li, Bo, Huang, Zhenghua, Xia, Lidong, Wiegelmann, Thomas, Fu, Hui & Mou, Chaozhou, ApJ, 842, 38


  1. Measurements of Non-thermal Line Widths in Solar Active Regions [40]
    Brooks, David H. & Warren, Harry P., ApJ, 820, 63
  2. Observational Signatures of Coronal Loop Heating and Cooling Driven by Footpoint Shuffling [39]
    Dahlburg, R. B., Einaudi, G., Taylor, B. D., Ugarte-Urra, I., Warren, H. P., Rappazzo, A. F. & Velli, M., ApJ, 817, 47
  3. Chromospheric evaporation flows and density changes deduced from Hinode/EIS during an M1.6 flare [6]
    Gömöry, P., Veronig, A. M., Su, Y., Temmer, M. & Thalmann, J. K., A&A, 588, A6
  4. First evidence of non-Gaussian solar flare EUV spectral line profiles and accelerated non-thermal ion motion [33]
    Jeffrey, Natasha L. S., Fletcher, Lyndsay & Labrosse, Nicolas, A&A, 590, A99
  5. Evidence for a Magnetic Flux Rope in Observations of a Solar Prominence-Cavity System [11]
    Jibben, Patricia, Reeves, Katharine & Su, Yingna, Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences, 3, 10
  6. Departure of High-temperature Iron Lines from the Equilibrium State in Flaring Solar Plasmas [7]
    Kawate, T., Keenan, F. P. & Jess, D. B., ApJ, 826, 3
  7. Flare-generated Shock Wave Propagation through Solar Coronal Arcade Loops and an Associated Type II Radio Burst [16]
    Kumar, Pankaj, Innes, D. E. & Cho, Kyung-Suk, ApJ, 828, 28
  8. Coronal Magnetic Fields Derived from Simultaneous Microwave and EUV Observations and Comparison with the Potential Field Model [8]
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  9. Simultaneous IRIS and Hinode/EIS Observations and Modelling of the 2014 October 27 X2.0 Class Flare [55]
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  10. On the Bright Loop Top Emission in Post-eruption Arcades [2]
    Sharma, Rohit, Tripathi, Durgesh, Isobe, Hiroaki & Ghosh, Avyarthana, ApJ, 823, 47
  11. High Spatial Resolution Fe XII Observations of Solar Active Regions [26]
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  12. Transition Region and Chromospheric Signatures of Impulsive Heating Events. I. Observations [27]
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  1. Modeling of Hot Plasma in the Solar Active Region Core [7]
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  2. Flare Footpoint Regions and a Surge Observed by Hinode/EIS, RHESSI, and SDO/AIA [9]
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