Full list of EIS publicatons (keyword: jet)

Compiled from information held in the ADS abstracts service.

Total number of papers: 56


  1. The Photospheric Footpoints of Solar Coronal Hole Jets [4]
    Muglach, K., ApJ, 909, 133
  2. Probing Upflowing Regions in the Quiet Sun and Coronal Holes [0]
    Schwanitz, Conrad, Harra, Louise, Raouafi, Nour E., Sterling, Alphonse C., Moreno Vacas, Alejandro, del Toro Iniesta, Jose Carlos, Orozco Suárez, David & Hara, Hirohisa, Solar Physics, 296, 175


  1. A Solar Magnetic-fan Flaring Arch Heated by Nonthermal Particles and Hot Plasma from an X-Ray Jet Eruption [2]
    Lee, Kyoung-Sun, Hara, Hirohisa, Watanabe, Kyoko, Joshi, Anand D., Brooks, David H., Imada, Shinsuke, Prasad, Avijeet, Dang, Phillip, Shimizu, Toshifumi, Savage, Sabrina L., Moore, Ronald, Panesar, Navdeep K. & Reep, Jeffrey W., ApJ, 895, 42


  1. Velocity Structure and Temperature Dependence of an Extreme-Ultraviolet Jet Observed by Hinode [1]
    Kawai, T., Kanda, N. & Imada, S., Solar Physics, 294, 74
  2. A Two-sided Loop X-Ray Solar Coronal Jet Driven by a Minifilament Eruption [13]
    Sterling, Alphonse C., Harra, Louise K., Moore, Ronald L. & Falconer, David A., ApJ, 871, 220


  1. Observations of Turbulent Magnetic Reconnection within a Solar Current Sheet [69]
    Cheng, X., Li, Y., Wan, L. F., Ding, M. D., Chen, P. F., Zhang, J. & Liu, J. J., ApJ, 866, 64
  2. Probing the Quiet Solar Atmosphere from the Photosphere to the Corona [5]
    Kontogiannis, Ioannis, Gontikakis, Costis, Tsiropoula, Georgia & Tziotziou, Kostas, Solar Physics, 293, 56
  3. Flare-related Recurring Active Region Jets: Evidence for Very Hot Plasma [4]
    Mulay, Sargam M., Matthews, Sarah, Hasegawa, Takahiro, Del Zanna, Giulio, Mason, Helen & Shimizu, Toshifumi, Solar Physics, 293, 160


  1. Study on Precursor Activity of the X1.6 Flare in the Great AR 12192 with SDO, IRIS, and Hinode [19]
    Bamba, Yumi, Lee, Kyoung-Sun, Imada, Shinsuke & Kusano, Kanya, ApJ, 840, 116
  2. Temperature and density structure of a recurring active region jet [11]
    Mulay, Sargam M., Del Zanna, Giulio & Mason, Helen, A&A, 598, A11


  1. Measurements of Non-thermal Line Widths in Solar Active Regions [40]
    Brooks, David H. & Warren, Harry P., ApJ, 820, 63
  2. Magnetic Field in Atypical Prominence Structures: Bubble, Tornado, and Eruption [28]
    Levens, P. J., Schmieder, B., López Ariste, A., Labrosse, N., Dalmasse, K. & Gelly, B., ApJ, 826, 164


  1. Spectroscopic observations and modelling of impulsive Alfvén waves along a polar coronal jet [13]
    Jelínek, P., Srivastava, A. K., Murawski, K., Kayshap, P. & Dwivedi, B. N., A&A, 581, A131
  2. Photospheric Abundances of Polar Jets on the Sun Observed by Hinode [9]
    Lee, Kyoung-Sun, Brooks, David H. & Imada, Shinsuke, ApJ, 809, 114
  3. Atmospheric Response of an Active Region to New Small Flux Emergence [4]
    Shelton, D., Harra, L. & Green, L., Solar Physics, 290, 753
  4. Active region upflows. I. Multi-instrument observations [8]
    Vanninathan, K., Madjarska, M. S., Galsgaard, K., Huang, Z. & Doyle, J. G., A&A, 584, A38
  5. Dark Jets in Solar Coronal Holes [16]
    Young, Peter R., ApJ, 801, 124


  1. Characteristics of polar coronal hole jets [18]
    Chandrashekhar, K., Bemporad, A., Banerjee, D., Gupta, G. R. & Teriaca, L., A&A, 561, A104
  2. Comparative Analysis of a Transition Region Bright Point with a Blinker and Coronal Bright Point Using Multiple EIS Emission Lines [7]
    Orange, N. Brice, Oluseyi, Hakeem M., Chesny, David L., Patel, Maulik, Hesterly, Katie, Preuss, Lauren, Neira, Chantale & Turner, Niescja E., Solar Physics, 289, 1557
  3. Solar Dynamics Observatory and Hinode Observations of a Blowout Jet in a Coronal Hole [65]
    Young, P. R. & Muglach, K., Solar Physics, 289, 3313
  4. A coronal hole jet observed with Hinode and the Solar Dynamics Observatory [39]
    Young, Peter R. & Muglach, Karin, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, 66, S12


  1. Fast Extreme-ultraviolet Dimming Associated with a Coronal Jet Seen in Multi-wavelength and Stereoscopic Observations [21]
    Lee, K. -S., Innes, D. E., Moon, Y. -J., Shibata, K., Lee, Jin-Yi & Park, Y. -D., ApJ, 766, 1
  2. A Detailed Comparison between the Observed and Synthesized Properties of a Simulated Type II Spicule [29]
    Martínez-Sykora, Juan, De Pontieu, Bart, Leenaarts, Jorrit, Pereira, Tiago M. D., Carlsson, Mats, Hansteen, Viggo, Stern, Julie V., Tian, Hui, McIntosh, Scott W. & Rouppe van der Voort, Luc, ApJ, 771, 66


  1. The Coronal Source of Extreme-ultraviolet Line Profile Asymmetries in Solar Active Region Outflows [41]
    Brooks, David H. & Warren, Harry P., ApJ, 760, L5
  2. The Creation of Outflowing Plasma in the Corona at Emerging Flux Regions: Comparing Observations and Simulations [23]
    Harra, L. K., Archontis, V., Pedram, E., Hood, A. W., Shelton, D. L. & van Driel-Gesztelyi, L., Solar Physics, 278, 47
  3. Coronal hole boundaries evolution at small scales. III. EIS and SUMER views [37]
    Madjarska, M. S., Huang, Z., Doyle, J. G. & Subramanian, S., A&A, 545, A67
  4. Multi-wavelength Spectroscopic Observation of Extreme-ultraviolet Jet in AR 10960 [17]
    Matsui, Y., Yokoyama, T., Kitagawa, N. & Imada, S., ApJ, 759, 15
  5. What is the true nature of blinkers? [8]
    Subramanian, S., Madjarska, M. S., Doyle, J. G. & Bewsher, D., A&A, 538, A50
  6. Persistent Doppler Shift Oscillations Observed with Hinode/EIS in the Solar Corona: Spectroscopic Signatures of Alfvénic Waves and Recurring Upflows [92]
    Tian, Hui, McIntosh, Scott W., Wang, Tongjiang, Ofman, Leon, De Pontieu, Bart, Innes, Davina E. & Peter, Hardi, ApJ, 759, 144
  7. What can We Learn about Solar Coronal Mass Ejections, Coronal Dimmings, and Extreme-ultraviolet Jets through Spectroscopic Observations? [72]
    Tian, Hui, McIntosh, Scott W., Xia, Lidong, He, Jiansen & Wang, Xin, ApJ, 748, 106


  1. The Origins of Hot Plasma in the Solar Corona [297]
    De Pontieu, B., McIntosh, S. W., Carlsson, M., Hansteen, V. H., Tarbell, T. D., Boerner, P., Martinez-Sykora, J., Schrijver, C. J. & Title, A. M., Science, 331, 55
  2. Plasma Motions and Heating by Magnetic Reconnection in a 2007 May 19 Flare [74]
    Hara, Hirohisa, Watanabe, Tetsuya, Harra, Louise K., Culhane, J. Leonard & Young, Peter R., ApJ, 741, 107
  3. Evolution of microflares associated with bright points in coronal holes and in quiet regions [19]
    Kamio, S., Curdt, W., Teriaca, L. & Innes, D. E., A&A, 529, A21
  4. Coronal Jets, Magnetic Topologies, and the Production of Interplanetary Electron Streams [6]
    Li, C., Matthews, S. A., van Driel-Gesztelyi, L., Sun, J. & Owen, C. J., ApJ, 735, 43
  5. Dynamics and plasma properties of an X-ray jet from SUMER, EIS, XRT, and EUVI A & B simultaneous observations [42]
    Madjarska, M. S., A&A, 526, A19
  6. Can coronal hole spicules reach coronal temperatures? [36]
    Madjarska, M. S., Vanninathan, K. & Doyle, J. G., A&A, 532, L1
  7. Spectroscopic Observations of Continuous Outflows and Propagating Waves from NOAA 10942 with Extreme Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer/Hinode [41]
    Nishizuka, N. & Hara, H., ApJ, 737, L43
  8. The Response of A Three-dimensional Solar Atmosphere to Wave-driven Jets [16]
    Scullion, E., Erdélyi, R., Fedun, V. & Doyle, J. G., ApJ, 743, 14
  9. Observation of High-speed Outflow on Plume-like Structures of the Quiet Sun and Coronal Holes with Solar Dynamics Observatory/Atmospheric Imaging Assembly [71]
    Tian, Hui, McIntosh, Scott W., Habbal, Shadia Rifai & He, Jiansen, ApJ, 736, 130
  10. Observations of EUV and soft X-ray recurring jets in an active region [29]
    Yang, Li-Heng, Jiang, Yun-Chun, Yang, Jia-Yan, Bi, Yi, Zheng, Rui-Sheng & Hong, Jun-Chao, Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics, 11, 1229


  1. Quasi-periodic Propagating Signals in the Solar Corona: The Signature of Magnetoacoustic Waves or High-velocity Upflows? [106]
    De Pontieu, Bart & McIntosh, Scott W., ApJ, 722, 1013
  2. Bright Points and Jets in Polar Coronal Holes Observed by the Extreme-Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer on Hinode [37]
    Doschek, G. A., Landi, E., Warren, H. P. & Harra, L. K., ApJ, 710, 1806
  3. Magnetic and spectroscopic properties of supergranular-scale coronal jets and erupting loops in a polar coronal hole [17]
    He, J. -S., Marsch, E., Curdt, W., Tian, H., Tu, C. -Y., Xia, L. -D. & Kamio, S., A&A, 519, A49
  4. Intermittent outflows at the edge of an active region - a possible source of the solar wind? [44]
    He, J. -S., Marsch, E., Tu, C. -Y., Guo, L. -J. & Tian, H., A&A, 516, A14
  5. Observations of a rotating macrospicule associated with an X-ray jet [57]
    Kamio, S., Curdt, W., Teriaca, L., Inhester, B. & Solanki, S. K., A&A, 510, L1
  6. Micro-sigmoids as Progenitors of Coronal Jets: Is Eruptive Activity Self-similarly Multi-scaled? [46]
    Raouafi, N. -E., Georgoulis, M. K., Rust, D. M. & Bernasconi, P. N., ApJ, 718, 981
  7. Evidence for magnetic flux cancelation leading to an ejective solar eruption observed by Hinode, TRACE, STEREO, and SoHO/MDI [37]
    Sterling, A. C., Chifor, C., Mason, H. E., Moore, R. L. & Young, P. R., A&A, 521, A49
  8. Fibrillar Chromospheric Spicule-like Counterparts to an Extreme-ultraviolet and Soft X-ray Blowout Coronal Jet [51]
    Sterling, Alphonse C., Harra, Louise K. & Moore, Ronald L., ApJ, 722, 1644


  1. Observing the Roots of Solar Coronal Heating—in the Chromosphere [241]
    De Pontieu, Bart, McIntosh, Scott W., Hansteen, Viggo H. & Schrijver, Carolus J., ApJ, 701, L1
  2. Distribution of jets and magnetic fields in a coronal hole [18]
    Kamio, S., Hara, H., Watanabe, T. & Curdt, W., A&A, 502, 345


  1. Magnetic flux cancellation associated with a recurring solar jet observed with Hinode, RHESSI, and STEREO/EUVI [79]
    Chifor, C., Isobe, H., Mason, H. E., Hannah, I. G., Young, P. R., Del Zanna, G., Krucker, S., Ichimoto, K., Katsukawa, Y. & Yokoyama, T., A&A, 491, 279
  2. An active region jet observed with Hinode [55]
    Chifor, C., Young, P. R., Isobe, H., Mason, H. E., Tripathi, D., Hara, H. & Yokoyama, T., A&A, 481, L57
  3. Jets in Coronal Holes: Hinode Observations and Three-dimensional Computer Modeling [187]
    Moreno-Insertis, F., Galsgaard, K. & Ugarte-Urra, I., ApJ, 673, L211


  1. Hinode EUV Study of Jets in the Sun's South Polar Corona [68]
    Culhane, Len, Harra, Louise K., Baker, Deborah, van Driel-Gesztelyi, Lidia, Sun, Jian, Doschek, George A., Brooks, David H., Lundquist, Loraine L., Kamio, Suguru, Young, Peter R. & Hansteen, Viggo H., Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, 59, S751
  2. Velocity Structure of Jets in a Coronal Hole [50]
    Kamio, Suguru, Hara, Hirohisa, Watanabe, Tetsuya, Matsuzaki, Keiichi, Shibata, Kazunari, Culhane, Len & Warren, Harry P., Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, 59, S757
  3. Small-Scale X-Ray/EUV Jets Seen in Hinode XRT and TRACE [32]
    Kim, Yeon-Han, Moon, Young-Jae, Park, Young-Deuk, Sakurai, Takashi, Chae, Jongchul, Cho, Kyung Suk & Bong, Su-Chan, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, 59, S763

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