Most cited EIS papers

This page gives a list of the 60 most highly-cited EIS papers. The citation information comes from the NASA ADS Abstracts service. The links take you through to the papers' listings at NASA ADS.

1383 The Hinode (Solar-B) Mission: An Overview
Kosugi, T., Matsuzaki, K., Sakao, T., Shimizu, T., Sone, Y., Tachikawa, S., Hashimoto, T., Minesugi, K., Ohnishi, A., Yamada, T., Tsuneta, S., Hara, H., Ichimoto, K., Suematsu, Y., Shimojo, M., Watanabe, T., Shimada, S., Davis, J. M., Hill, L. D., Owens, J. K., Title, A. M., Culhane, J. L., Harra, L. K., Doschek, G. A. & Golub, L., 2007, Solar Physics, 243, 3
778 The EUV Imaging Spectrometer for Hinode
Culhane, J. L., Harra, L. K., James, A. M., Al-Janabi, K., Bradley, L. J., Chaudry, R. A., Rees, K., Tandy, J. A., Thomas, P., Whillock, M. C. R., Winter, B., Doschek, G. A., Korendyke, C. M., Brown, C. M., Myers, S., Mariska, J., Seely, J., Lang, J., Kent, B. J., Shaughnessy, B. M., Young, P. R., Simnett, G. M., Castelli, C. M., Mahmoud, S., Mapson-Menard, H., Probyn, B. J., Thomas, R. J., Davila, J., Dere, K., Windt, D., Shea, J., Hagood, R., Moye, R., Hara, H., Watanabe, T., Matsuzaki, K., Kosugi, T., Hansteen, V. & Wikstol, Ø., 2007, Solar Physics, 243, 19
297 The Origins of Hot Plasma in the Solar Corona
De Pontieu, B., McIntosh, S. W., Carlsson, M., Hansteen, V. H., Tarbell, T. D., Boerner, P., Martinez-Sykora, J., Schrijver, C. J. & Title, A. M., 2011, Science, 331, 55
241 Observing the Roots of Solar Coronal Heating—in the Chromosphere
De Pontieu, Bart, McIntosh, Scott W., Hansteen, Viggo H. & Schrijver, Carolus J., 2009, ApJ, 701, L1
210 Differential emission measures from the regularized inversion of Hinode and SDO data
Hannah, I. G. & Kontar, E. P., 2012, A&A, 539, A146
197 Energy release in the solar corona from spatially resolved magnetic braids
Cirtain, J. W., Golub, L., Winebarger, A. R., de Pontieu, B., Kobayashi, K., Moore, R. L., Walsh, R. W., Korreck, K. E., Weber, M., McCauley, P., Title, A., Kuzin, S. & Deforest, C. E., 2013, Nature, 493, 501
187 Jets in Coronal Holes: Hinode Observations and Three-dimensional Computer Modeling
Moreno-Insertis, F., Galsgaard, K. & Ugarte-Urra, I., 2008, ApJ, 673, L211
172 Continuous Plasma Outflows from the Edge of a Solar Active Region as a Possible Source of Solar Wind
Sakao, Taro, Kano, Ryouhei, Narukage, Noriyuki, Kotoku, Jun'ichi, Bando, Takamasa, DeLuca, Edward E., Lundquist, Loraine L., Tsuneta, Saku, Harra, Louise K., Katsukawa, Yukio, Kubo, Masahito, Hara, Hirohisa, Matsuzaki, Keiichi, Shimojo, Masumi, Bookbinder, Jay A., Golub, Leon, Korreck, Kelly E., Su, Yingna, Shibasaki, Kiyoto, Shimizu, Toshifumi & Nakatani, Ichiro, 2007, Science, 318, 1585
169 EUV Emission Lines and Diagnostics Observed with Hinode/EIS
Young, Peter R., Del Zanna, Giulio, Mason, Helen E., Dere, Ken P., Landi, Enrico, Landini, Massimo, Doschek, George A., Brown, Charles M., Culhane, Len, Harra, Louise K., Watanabe, Tetsuya & Hara, Hirohisa, 2007, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, 59, S857
164 Outflows at the Edges of Active Regions: Contribution to Solar Wind Formation?
Harra, L. K., Sakao, T., Mandrini, C. H., Hara, H., Imada, S., Young, P. R., van Driel-Gesztelyi, L. & Baker, D., 2008, ApJ, 676, L147
158 Photospheric flux cancellation and associated flux rope formation and eruption
Green, L. M., Kliem, B. & Wallace, A. J., 2011, A&A, 526, A2
150 High-precision density measurements in the solar corona. I. Analysis methods and results for Fe XII and Fe XIII
Young, P. R., Watanabe, T., Hara, H. & Mariska, J. T., 2009, A&A, 495, 587
150 Solar Prominences: Observations
Parenti, Susanna, 2014, Living Reviews in Solar Physics, 11, 1
148 Velocity Characteristics of Evaporated Plasma Using Hinode/EUV Imaging Spectrometer
Milligan, Ryan O. & Dennis, Brian R., 2009, ApJ, 699, 968
147 Coronal Plasma Motions near Footpoints of Active Region Loops Revealed from Spectroscopic Observations with Hinode EIS
Hara, Hirohisa, Watanabe, Tetsuya, Harra, Louise K., Culhane, J. Leonard, Young, Peter R., Mariska, John T. & Doschek, George A., 2008, ApJ, 678, L67
146 A Systematic Survey of High-temperature Emission in Solar Active Regions
Warren, Harry P., Winebarger, Amy R. & Brooks, David H., 2012, ApJ, 759, 141
143 Flows and Nonthermal Velocities in Solar Active Regions Observed with the EUV Imaging Spectrometer on Hinode: A Tracer of Active Region Sources of Heliospheric Magnetic Fields?
Doschek, G. A., Warren, H. P., Mariska, J. T., Muglach, K., Culhane, J. L., Hara, H. & Watanabe, T., 2008, ApJ, 686, 1362
139 Flows in active region loops observed by Hinode EIS
Del Zanna, G., 2008, A&A, 481, L49
133 Observing the Fine Structure of Loops through High-resolution Spectroscopic Observations of Coronal Rain with the CRISP Instrument at the Swedish Solar Telescope
Antolin, P. & Rouppe van der Voort, L., 2012, ApJ, 745, 152
125 Wavelengths and Intensities of Spectral Lines in the 171-211 and 245-291 Å Ranges from Five Solar Regions Recorded by the Extreme-Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer (EIS) on Hinode
Brown, C. M., Feldman, U., Seely, J. F., Korendyke, C. M. & Hara, H., 2008, ApJS, 176, 511
114 Active Region Loops: Hinode/Extreme-Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer Observations
Tripathi, Durgesh, Mason, Helen E., Dwivedi, Bhola N., del Zanna, Giulio & Young, Peter R., 2009, ApJ, 694, 1256
113 The multi-thermal emission in solar active regions
Del Zanna, G., 2013, A&A, 558, A73
113 On Redshifts and Blueshifts in the Transition Region and Corona
Hansteen, V. H., Hara, H., De Pontieu, B. & Carlsson, M., 2010, ApJ, 718, 1070
112 Nonthermal Spectral Line Broadening and the Nanoflare Model
, 2006,
110 SDO AIA and Hinode EIS observations of "warm" loops
Del Zanna, G., O'Dwyer, B. & Mason, H. E., 2011, A&A, 535, A46
109 On the Nature and Genesis of EUV Waves: A Synthesis of Observations from SOHO, STEREO, SDO, and Hinode (Invited Review)
Patsourakos, Spiros & Vourlidas, Angelos, 2012, Solar Physics, 281, 187
106 Quasi-periodic Propagating Signals in the Solar Corona: The Signature of Magnetoacoustic Waves or High-velocity Upflows?
De Pontieu, Bart & McIntosh, Scott W., 2010, ApJ, 722, 1013
104 Magnetic Reconnection along Quasi-separatrix Layers as a Driver of Ubiquitous Active Region Outflows
Baker, D., van Driel-Gesztelyi, L., Mandrini, C. H., Démoulin, P. & Murray, M. J., 2009, ApJ, 705, 926
98 Using a Differential Emission Measure and Density Measurements in an Active Region Core to Test a Steady Heating Model
Winebarger, Amy R., Schmelz, Joan T., Warren, Harry P., Saar, Steve H. & Kashyap, Vinay L., 2011, ApJ, 740, 2
98 Establishing a Connection Between Active Region Outflows and the Solar Wind: Abundance Measurements with EIS/Hinode
Brooks, David H. & Warren, Harry P., 2011, ApJ, 727, L13
97 Hinode, TRACE, SOHO, and Ground-based Observations of a Quiescent Prominence
Heinzel, P., Schmieder, B., Fárník, F., Schwartz, P., Labrosse, N., Kotrč, P., Anzer, U., Molodij, G., Berlicki, A., DeLuca, E. E., Golub, L., Watanabe, T. & Berger, T., 2008, ApJ, 686, 1383
97 Constraints on the Heating of High-temperature Active Region Loops: Observations from Hinode and the Solar Dynamics Observatory
Warren, Harry P., Brooks, David H. & Winebarger, Amy R., 2011, ApJ, 734, 90
96 Observations of Active Region Loops with the EUV Imaging Spectrometer on Hinode
Warren, Harry P., Ugarte-Urra, Ignacio, Doschek, George A., Brooks, David H. & Williams, David R., 2008, ApJ, 686, L131
94 Nonthermal Velocities in Solar Active Regions Observed with the Extreme-Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer on Hinode
Doschek, G. A., Mariska, J. T., Warren, H. P., Brown, C. M., Culhane, J. L., Hara, H., Watanabe, T., Young, P. R. & Mason, H. E., 2007, ApJ, 667, L109
92 Active Region Transition Region Loop Populations and Their Relationship to the Corona
Ugarte-Urra, Ignacio, Warren, Harry P. & Brooks, David H., 2009, ApJ, 695, 642
92 Persistent Doppler Shift Oscillations Observed with Hinode/EIS in the Solar Corona: Spectroscopic Signatures of Alfvénic Waves and Recurring Upflows
Tian, Hui, McIntosh, Scott W., Wang, Tongjiang, Ofman, Leon, De Pontieu, Bart, Innes, Davina E. & Peter, Hardi, 2012, ApJ, 759, 144
91 Two Components of the Solar Coronal Emission Revealed by Extreme-ultraviolet Spectroscopic Observations
Tian, Hui, McIntosh, Scott W., De Pontieu, Bart, Martínez-Sykora, Juan, Sechler, Marybeth & Wang, Xin, 2011, ApJ, 738, 18
89 Hinode/EIS observations of propagating low-frequency slow magnetoacoustic waves in fan-like coronal loops
Wang, T. J., Ofman, L., Davila, J. M. & Mariska, J. T., 2009, A&A, 503, L25
89 Laboratory calibration of the Extreme-Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer for the Solar-B satellite
, 2006,
88 The Spectroscopic Signature of Quasi-periodic Upflows in Active Region Timeseries
Tian, Hui, McIntosh, Scott W. & De Pontieu, Bart, 2011, ApJ, 727, L37
88 Hinode EUV spectroscopic observations of coronal oscillations
Erdélyi, R. & Taroyan, Y., 2008, A&A, 489, L49
87 Multiwavelength Observations of Small-scale Reconnection Events Triggered by Magnetic Flux Emergence in the Solar Atmosphere
Guglielmino, S. L., Bellot Rubio, L. R., Zuccarello, F., Aulanier, G., Vargas Domínguez, S. & Kamio, S., 2010, ApJ, 724, 1083
87 The First Measurement of the Adiabatic Index in the Solar Corona Using Time-dependent Spectroscopy of Hinode/EIS Observations
Van Doorsselaere, Tom, Wardle, Nick, Del Zanna, Giulio, Jansari, Kishan, Verwichte, Erwin & Nakariakov, Valery M., 2011, ApJ, 727, L32
87 Coronal magnetic field measurement using loop oscillations observed by Hinode/EIS
Van Doorsselaere, T., Nakariakov, V. M., Young, P. R. & Verwichte, E., 2008, A&A, 487, L17
84 Observing Episodic Coronal Heating Events Rooted in Chromospheric Activity
McIntosh, Scott W. & De Pontieu, Bart, 2009, ApJ, 706, L80
83 Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Nanoflare-heated Loops
Klimchuk, J. A. & Cargill, P. J., 2001, ApJ, 553, 440
83 Signatures of Alfvén waves in the polar coronal holes as seen by EIS/Hinode
Banerjee, D., Pérez-Suárez, D. & Doyle, J. G., 2009, A&A, 501, L15
82 Spectroscopic Observations of Current Sheet Formation and Evolution
Warren, Harry P., Brooks, David H., Ugarte-Urra, Ignacio, Reep, Jeffrey W., Crump, Nicholas A. & Doschek, George A., 2018, ApJ, 854, 122
81 Full-Sun observations for identifying the source of the slow solar wind
Brooks, David H., Ugarte-Urra, Ignacio & Warren, Harry P., 2015, Nature Communications, 6, 5947
79 Magnetic flux cancellation associated with a recurring solar jet observed with Hinode, RHESSI, and STEREO/EUVI
Chifor, C., Isobe, H., Mason, H. E., Hannah, I. G., Young, P. R., Del Zanna, G., Krucker, S., Ichimoto, K., Katsukawa, Y. & Yokoyama, T., 2008, A&A, 491, 279
79 Three-dimensional Morphology of a Coronal Prominence Cavity
Gibson, S. E., Kucera, T. A., Rastawicki, D., Dove, J., de Toma, G., Hao, J., Hill, S., Hudson, H. S., Marqué, C., McIntosh, P. S., Rachmeler, L., Reeves, K. K., Schmieder, B., Schmit, D. J., Seaton, D. B., Sterling, A. C., Tripathi, D., Williams, D. R. & Zhang, M., 2010, ApJ, 724, 1133
78 A single picture for solar coronal outflows and radio noise storms
Del Zanna, G., Aulanier, G., Klein, K. -L. & Török, T., 2011, A&A, 526, A137
77 High Spatial Resolution Observations of Loops in the Solar Corona
Brooks, David H., Warren, Harry P., Ugarte-Urra, Ignacio & Winebarger, Amy R., 2013, ApJ, 772, L19
77 Asymmetries of solar coronal extreme ultraviolet emission lines
Peter, H., 2010, A&A, 521, A51
76 Solar Coronal Loops Resolved by Hinode and the Solar Dynamics Observatory
Brooks, David H., Warren, Harry P. & Ugarte-Urra, Ignacio, 2012, ApJ, 755, L33
75 A revised radiometric calibration for the Hinode/EIS instrument
Del Zanna, G., 2013, A&A, 555, A47
74 Plasma Flows Guided by Strong Magnetic Fields in the Solar Corona
Marsch, Eckart, Tian, Hui, Sun, Jian, Curdt, Werner & Wiegelmann, Thomas, 2008, ApJ, 685, 1262
74 Plasma Motions and Heating by Magnetic Reconnection in a 2007 May 19 Flare
Hara, Hirohisa, Watanabe, Tetsuya, Harra, Louise K., Culhane, J. Leonard & Young, Peter R., 2011, ApJ, 741, 107
73 Physical Conditions in a Coronal Mass Ejection from Hinode, Stereo, and SOHO Observations
Landi, E., Raymond, J. C., Miralles, M. P. & Hara, H., 2010, ApJ, 711, 75
73 Multiple Component Outflows in an Active Region Observed with the EUV Imaging Spectrometer on Hinode
Bryans, P., Young, P. R. & Doschek, G. A., 2010, ApJ, 715, 1012

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