Most cited EIS papers

This page gives a list of the most highly-cited EIS papers. The citation information comes from the NASA ADS Abstracts service. The links take you through to the papers' listings at NASA ADS.

1138 The Hinode (Solar-B) Mission: An Overview
Kosugi, T., Matsuzaki, K., Sakao, T., Shimizu, T., Sone, Y., Tachikawa, S., Hashimoto, T., Minesugi, K., Ohnishi, A., Yamada, T., Tsuneta, S., Hara, H., Ichimoto, K., Suematsu, Y., Shimojo, M., Watanabe, T., Shimada, S., Davis, J. M., Hill, L. D., Owens, J. K., Title, A. M., Culhane, J. L., Harra, L. K., Doschek, G. A. & Golub, L., 2007, Solar Physics 243, 3-17
630 The EUV Imaging Spectrometer for Hinode
Culhane, J. L., Harra, L. K., James, A. M., Al-Janabi, K., Bradley, L. J., Chaudry, R. A., Rees, K., Tandy, J. A., Thomas, P., Whillock, M. C. R., Winter, B., Doschek, G. A., Korendyke, C. M., Brown, C. M., Myers, S., Mariska, J., Seely, J., Lang, J., Kent, B. J., Shaughnessy, B. M., Young, P. R., Simnett, G. M., Castelli, C. M., Mahmoud, S., Mapson-Menard, H., Probyn, B. J., Thomas, R. J., Davila, J., Dere, K., Windt, D., Shea, J., Hagood, R., Moye, R., Hara, H., Watanabe, T., Matsuzaki, K., Kosugi, T., Hansteen, V. & Wikstol, ., 2007, Solar Physics 243, 19-61
229 The Origins of Hot Plasma in the Solar Corona
De Pontieu, B., McIntosh, S. W., Carlsson, M., Hansteen, V. H., Tarbell, T. D., Boerner, P., Martinez-Sykora, J., Schrijver, C. J. & Title, A. M., 2011, Science 331, 55
195 Observing the Roots of Solar Coronal Heating-in the Chromosphere
De Pontieu, B., McIntosh, S. W., Hansteen, V. H. & Schrijver, C. J., 2009, ApJL 701, L1-L6
152 Jets in Coronal Holes: Hinode Observations and Three-dimensional Computer Modeling
Moreno-Insertis, F., Galsgaard, K. & Ugarte-Urra, I., 2008, ApJL 673, L211-L214
145 EUV Emission Lines and Diagnostics Observed with Hinode/EIS
Young, P. R., Del Zanna, G., Mason, H. E., Dere, K. P., Landi, E., Landini, M., Doschek, G. A., Brown, C. M., Culhane, L., Harra, L. K., Watanabe, T. & Hara, H., 2007, PASJ 59, 857
143 Continuous Plasma Outflows from the Edge of a Solar Active Region as a Possible Source of Solar Wind
Sakao, T., Kano, R., Narukage, N., Kotoku, J., Bando, T., DeLuca, E. E., Lundquist, L. L., Tsuneta, S., Harra, L. K., Katsukawa, Y., Kubo, M., Hara, H., Matsuzaki, K., Shimojo, M., Bookbinder, J. A., Golub, L., Korreck, K. E., Su, Y., Shibasaki, K., Shimizu, T. & Nakatani, I., 2007, Science 318, 1585
131 Coronal Plasma Motions near Footpoints of Active Region Loops Revealed from Spectroscopic Observations with Hinode EIS
Hara, H., Watanabe, T., Harra, L. K., Culhane, J. L., Young, P. R., Mariska, J. T. & Doschek, G. A., 2008, ApJL 678, L67-L71
129 Energy release in the solar corona from spatially resolved magnetic braids
Cirtain, J. W., Golub, L., Winebarger, A. R., de Pontieu, B., Kobayashi, K., Moore, R. L., Walsh, R. W., Korreck, K. E., Weber, M., McCauley, P., Title, A., Kuzin, S. & Deforest, C. E., 2013, Nature 493, 501-503
128 High-precision density measurements in the solar corona. I. Analysis methods and results for Fe XII and Fe XIII
Young, P. R., Watanabe, T., Hara, H. & Mariska, J. T., 2009, A&A 495, 587-606
126 Outflows at the Edges of Active Regions: Contribution to Solar Wind Formation?
Harra, L. K., Sakao, T., Mandrini, C. H., Hara, H., Imada, S., Young, P. R., van Driel-Gesztelyi, L. & Baker, D., 2008, ApJL 676, L147-L150
123 Differential emission measures from the regularized inversion of Hinode and SDO data
Hannah, I. G. & Kontar, E. P., 2012, A&A 539, A146
122 Flows in active region loops observed by Hinode EIS
Del Zanna, G., 2008, A&A 481, L49-L52
120 Flows and Nonthermal Velocities in Solar Active Regions Observed with the EUV Imaging Spectrometer on Hinode: A Tracer of Active Region Sources of Heliospheric Magnetic Fields?
Doschek, G. A., Warren, H. P., Mariska, J. T., Muglach, K., Culhane, J. L., Hara, H. & Watanabe, T., 2008, ApJ 686, 1362-1371
120 Velocity Characteristics of Evaporated Plasma Using Hinode/EUV Imaging Spectrometer
Milligan, R. O. & Dennis, B. R., 2009, ApJ 699, 968-975
110 Wavelengths and Intensities of Spectral Lines in the 171-211 and 245-291 Ranges from Five Solar Regions Recorded by the Extreme-Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer (EIS) on Hinode
Brown, C. M., Feldman, U., Seely, J. F., Korendyke, C. M. & Hara, H., 2008, ApJS 176, 511-535
105 Photospheric flux cancellation and associated flux rope formation and eruption
Green, L. M., Kliem, B. & Wallace, A. J., 2011, A&A 526, A2
97 A Systematic Survey of High-temperature Emission in Solar Active Regions
Warren, H. P., Winebarger, A. R. & Brooks, D. H., 2012, ApJ 759, 141
96 Nonthermal Spectral Line Broadening and the Nanoflare Model
Patsourakos, S. & Klimchuk, J. A., 2006, ApJ 647, 1452-1465
90 Active Region Loops: Hinode/Extreme-Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer Observations
Tripathi, D., Mason, H. E., Dwivedi, B. N., del Zanna, G. & Young, P. R., 2009, ApJ 694, 1256-1265

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