EIS science documents

I wrote most of the EIS Data Analysis Guide, which is available on the EIS Wiki hosted by MSSL. Please note that the EIS Wiki is unstable and regularly goes down. If you find the links do not work, then try again a few hours later or the next day.

Additional data analysis documents that I have written include:

Tutorial for spectra analysis (at EIS Wiki)
EIS Software Note 16: EIS_AUTO_FIT and SPEC_GAUSS_EIS: Gaussian fitting routines for the Hinode/EIS mission
EIS Software Note 17: Gaussian fitting examples using the EIS_AUTO_FIT routine
EIS Software Note 15: Deriving densities, column depths and filling factors from Hinode/EIS data

An additional document called 'Density Diagnostics for EIS' was prepared before the EIS mission but contains information that is still relevant.

I wrote 17 of the 25 EIS Software Notes, and the full list is available at the bottom of the EIS Data Analysis Guide.

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