NASA/GSFC activities

This page contains documents and links for some activities that I've organized at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) since I arrived in 2015.

Data analysis

IDL plot objects

On 3-Mar-2016 I organized a session to discuss how to use the built-in IDL plot objects. The set of routines I used for the tutorial are available as a gzipped tar file.

Some links for further information are:

IDL plot objects
Making a mp4 movie from IDL

SDO image cut-outs

With Shea Hess Webber I gave a tutorial on 3-Dec-2015 to show how to obtain SDO cutout data from the Stanford JSOC service. Some information about this process is given below.

SDO Data JSOC Export and Cutout Service - Example and Documentation (Hess Webber & Young, 2016)
Guide to obtaining SDO cutouts at the Hinode/EIS wiki

Querying ADS from IDL

On 27-Jul-2017 I gave a demo of some new IDL software that I wrote for querying the ADS abstracts service. I have a short guide to this software.

Meetings and events

SunDC meetings

I co-founded the SunDC series of meetings in 2014 with Brian Dennis. These are 1-day meetings to bring together Solar Physicists in the Washington DC area on a focused science topic. The links below show the agendas for these meetings.

17-Jul-2014 - Solar flares
25-Feb-2015 - Solar eruptive events
14-Oct-2015 - Energy release in solar eruptive events
11-May-2016 - What IRIS is telling us about flare plasma
14-Jul-2017 - Small-scale heating in the solar atmosphere
17-May-2018 - ExoPlanet Space Weather (organized by Vourlidas, Kwon, Raouafi at JHU/APL)
23-May-2019 - Connecting the corona to the solar wind

Spectroscopy club

This is for a group of people in Code 671 who are interested in solar spectroscopy. We have occasional meetings with someone giving an informal presentation about their work. The list of past speakers and topics are given below:

An innovative technique to measure the thickness of coronal loops in the line-of-sight direction
Terry Kucera
The SPICE instrument for Solar Orbiter
Bill Thompson, Terry Kucera, Peter Young
Version 9 of CHIANTI
Peter Young
The EUVST mission concept
Harry Warren
Localized Quasi-Periodic Fluctuations in C II, Si IV, and Fe XXI Emission During Chromospheric Evaporation in a Flare Ribbon Observed by IRIS on 2017 September 9
Jeff Brosius
Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Active Region Jets
Helen Mason
Motions in a Prominence Barb Observed on the Solar Limb
Terry Kucera
Explosive chromospheric evaporation and warm rain in a C3.1 flare observed by IRIS, Hinode/EIS, and RHESSI
Jeff Brosius
Results from the First CLASP Flight
Don Schmit
Slitless imaging spectroscopy
Joe Davila
Opportunities for new spectroscopy missions
Jet-excited kink oscillations of coronal loops observed by Hinode/EIS and SDO/AIA
Tongjiang Wang
Material injected along a loop during the 2011 November 5 C9 flare
Andrew Inglis
Modeling the near-ultraviolet line and continuum emission in solar flare spectra from IRIS
Adam Kowalski
Report on the ALMA-DKIST-IRIS meeting
Sarah Jaeggli
18-Feb-2016 Solar UV bursts - summary of a recent ISSI meeting Peter Young
Calibration for the EUNIS-13 rocket flight
Adrian Daw & AJ Ancheta
Giving names to numbers - Line identification in IRIS reference spectra
Sarah Jaeggli
Intensity Conserving Spectral Fitting:  A New Tool for Spectroscopic (and other) Analysis
Jim Klimchuk
Slitless spectroscopy
Joe Davila
Sunspot loops observed with IRIS
Peter Young & Bernhard Fleck


On 2018 February 8 I organized a 1-day workshop at Goddard titled "Collaborative studies of the 10 September 2017 X-flare". There were 21 attendees and there were talks on the data obtained by EOVSA, RHESSI, Fermi, IRIS and Hinode/EIS - see the agenda. Some movies related to this event are available at

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