Lorentz Tests

At a Lorentz Centre meeting at Leiden during 8-12 August 2016, a set of atomic code tests were created for collision equilibrium plasmas. This directory contains the results of tests 1, 2, 3 and 6 as derived with CHIANTI (the other tests are not relevant).

The IDL routines are available in the CHIANTI IDL directory, in subdirectory utilities/lorentz.

Description of the tests

Test 1 - charge state distributions

Computes charge state distributions at three different temperatures. 

IDL> lorentz_test_1_csd

CHIANTI 9.0 results

Test 2 - radiative power

Computes the total radiative losses (lines + continuum) from each element.

IDL> lorentz_test_2_power, loss_rate

CHIANTI 9.0 results

Test 3 - strong lines

Computes the 100 strongest lines from three isothermal plasmas.

IDL> lorentz_test_3_top_lines

CHIANTI 9.0 results for 1 MK plasma
CHIANTI 9.0 results for 6 MK plasma
CHIANTI 9.0 results for 4 keV (46 MK) plasma

Test 7 - line formation

Computes the contributions of different atomic processes to a set of key X-ray lines. The list of lines is given in the document that describes the tests (see above).

IDL> lorentz_test_7_levelpop

CHIANTI 9.0 results

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