Atomic data for Astrophysics Bibliography

CHIANTI mostly contains radiative decay rates and electron excitation rates for atomic ions. This page contains links to the NASA ADS giving bibliographies for atomic ion data-sets, organized according to isoelectronic sequence. The appropriate iron ion for each sequence is listed.

The lists should be mostly complete from about 2000 onwards (when I started compiling these lists). The coverage of papers before then is much sporadic. I originally maintained this bibliography as a text file, but the lists below supercede this.

Z=1, hydrogen-like (Fe XXVI)
Z=2, helium-like (Fe XXV)

Z=3, lithium-like (Fe XXIV)
Z=4, beryllium-like (Fe XXIII)
Z=5, boron-like (Fe XXII)
Z=6, carbon-like (Fe XXI)
Z=7, nitrogen-like (Fe XX)
Z=8, oxygen-like (Fe XIX)
Z=9, fluorine-like (Fe XVIII)
Z=10, neon-like (Fe XVII)

Z=11, sodium-like (Fe XVI)
Z=12, magnesium-like (Fe XV)
Z=13, aluminium-like (Fe XIV)
Z=14, silicon-like (Fe XIII)
Z=15, phosphorus-like (Fe XII)
Z=16, sulfur-like (Fe XI)
Z=17, chlorine-like (Fe X)
Z=18, argon-like (Fe IX)

Z=19, potassium-like (Fe VIII)
Z=20, calcium-like (Fe VII)
Z=21, scandium-like (Fe VI)
Z=22, titanium-like (Fe V)
Z=23, vanadium-like (Fe IV)
Z=24, chromium-like (Fe III)
Z=25, manganese-like (Fe II)
Z=26, iron-like
Z=27, cobalt-like
Z=28, nickel-like
Z=29, Cu-like

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