CHIANTI data archive of Peter Young

From this page I link to atomic data-sets that I have assessed for the CHIANTI atomic database. As well as the final CHIANTI data files, the directories include the original data and IDL routines that I use for converting the original data to CHIANTI format.

Clicking on an ion name links through to a directory listing for that ion.

B-like ions

Al IX (v.6)

C-like ions

O III (v. 6)
Ne V (v. 6)
Mg VII (v. 6)
Si IX (v. 6)

F-like ions

Na III (v. 6)

Na-like ions

Mg II (v. 6)

Al-like ions

Si II (v.7)

Si-like ions

Cl IV (v. 6)
Ar V (v. 6)
K VI (v. 6)

P-like ions

Ca VI (v. 7)

S-like ions

Ar III (v. 6)
Ca V (v. 6)

Ar-like ion

Fe IX (v. 6)

K-like ions

Ca II (v.7)
Fe VIII (v. 6)

V-like ions

Fe IV (v.7)

Co-like ions

Ni II (v.7)

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